• Prayer for Self-Control

    Prayer for Self-Control Woman in a forest chained to her phone

    Face it, you wake up every morning full of good intentions and detailed plans for the day. But your mind or body betrays or something unexpected happens that causes you to reach for a candy bar, a vice or the time-suck of a phone. You hear a whisper from the recesses of your mind- you […]

  • Why Prayer is Important: 7 Reasons & Benefits

    a business women praying in the middle of a meeting showing why prayer is important

    Prayer is a fundamental part of many people’s lives. Christians pray because prayer allows them to have a personal relationship with God. It’s beneficial to recall the reasons why prayer is essential. So, let’s take a look at seven reasons why prayer is important, whether you’re looking for a spiritual connection or hoping to see […]

  • Prayer In Desperation

    Prayer in Desperation, woman praying

    Unfortunately, many people around the world are financially stressed, physically exhausted, mentally confused, and spiritually depressed. When you’ve exhausted all of your options on your own, it’s time to place your hands together and pray in desperation to God—the one who longs to assist you. So, how do you pray in times of desperation when […]

  • 21 Prayers for Every Kind of Christmas Party & Activity

    Prayer for Christmas Party, friends around the table are praying

    Who doesn’t love any type of Christmas party or activity? Start your gathering off right with a perfect prayer for a Christmas party or before any festive activity. Discover the right words to pray over your celebrations and the people you love. Don’t become wrapped up in busyness and forget to bless others with heartfelt […]

  • Hedge of Protection Prayer

    dark haired woman standing next to a hedge saying a hedge of protection prayer

    We all heard others pray a hedge of protection prayer over their loved ones, possessions, or property, but what does it really mean? When I imagine a picture of a hedge, I think of a well-manicured maze, it might prevent a squirrel from entering my property but not hold up against spiritual evil or physical […]

  • Prayer For Bible Study

    Prayer for Bible Study, a woman is sitting on a rock sitting on the beach view of ocean

    We all know how it goes…you’re ready to crack open your Bible and dig into the word, your phone pings, the dog barks, or you spill coffee all over your brand-new gratitude journal. A prayer for bible study will enhance your Bible time and help keep you on track and keep the distractions away. Prayer […]