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Susan will infuse your journey with not only profound insights but also sprinkles of humor and laughter, making your path to purpose an unforgettable adventure that may even bring a few joyful tears along the way.

Susan’s Signature Talk: Breaking Chains, Embracing Destiny.

Key Takeaways

Overcome Fear with Faith:
Learn to break free from fear’s hidden shackles.
Ignite the flame of faith to counter self-doubt and hesitation.

Choose Your Destiny:
Understand that destiny is a matter of choice, not chance.
Walk in step with God, one faith-driven choice at a time.

Empowerment for Action:
Break free from the grip of fear and step into your calling.
Receive actionable guidance to embark on your journey to greatness.

Discover Your Divine Blueprint:
Embrace your unique purpose and potential.
Uncover the path to a fulfilling life aligned with God’s plan.

Face Challenges with Strength:
Gain insights from personal stories of resilience and growth.
Overcome setbacks and challenges through faith and determination.

Susan’s scripture-based storytelling inspires, motivates, and guides positive outcomes for your audience.

Don’t just host an event, make it memorable, make it inspiring, make it Susan’s. Reach out today for a personalized event experience that your audience won’t forget.

  • Small Group Gatherings
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Sunday Gatherings
  • Banquets & Fundraisers
  • Christmas and Holiday Events
  • Your Custom Event!
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What Other Says

Susan exudes love and care, greeting everyone with a warm smile. Her speaking is marked by clarity, sincerity, and a profound connection to her faith. She effectively conveys her passion for God and imparts genuine insights on the subjects she addresses.-Linda Buishas minister
Having known Susan Davis for years, I can confidently affirm her as a remarkable speaker who brings encouragement and insight on the profound love and grace of God. Her prophetic gift is a true blessing that reaches many. I wholeheartedly endorse her and her ministry for your groups and congregations. _Nichole Marbach  Nichole Marbach Ministries


  • 25 Years Platform Experience
  • Speaks at About 40 Events Annually
  • Led 1000s to Their Next Step with Jesus
  • Humorous Speech Champion – Toastmasters International
  • 30+ Years Bible Teaching Experience
  • Professional Speaker Coach
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