Insights for bolstering your faith in Jesus Christ, inspiration from a Christian perspective.

  • Exalt God

    A man and woman have their arms outstretched exalt God

    Exalt God! It is a simple statement, but one with profound meaning. When we exalt God, we are declaring His supremacy over all else and acknowledging that He is the one true God and worthy of our praise and worship. . What does it mean to exalt God? Exalt means to rise high to elevate, […]

  • Why Do You Struggle With Faith?

    Women in a park sitting on a bench with her hands in her hands showing her struggle with faith

    Struggling with faith is a common issue, and many people are blunt about not believing and are certain that God doesn’t exist. Others want to know God better but can’t because of their present circumstances. So, what are some common reasons people struggle with faith? You struggle with faith because you don’t truly know God […]

  • Faith Is A Gift From God?

    a women kneeling in a puddle with a bible on the ground and she is holding her hands out excepting shinny rain showing faith is a gift from God

    Does Faith Only Come From God? It’s tough to keep faith when times are hard. Whether you have none or think you do, life’s challenges can make you doubt trusting God. Mainly, the issue is that we seek faith from within.  Faith only comes from God. He gives us faith by confirming things we hoped […]

  • Who Wants God Confidence?

    Woman in a forest with her arms spread out showing God Confidence

    If you’re reading this, most probably seeking to find God confidence. Me too, by the way! I see the state I’m in and know that this isn’t how life is supposed to be. Who look at our current circumstances or even when things seem perfect we still wonder if there is something more then this. […]

  • What Does A Dead Bird Symbolize?

    A image of water bird with it's water wings fading away over water. What does a dead bird symbolize?

    Have you ever discovered a dead bird? Did it make you stop and wonder what the meaning could be? What Does a Dead Bird Symbolize? If you see a dead bird in a dream or vision, it might symbolize disappointment or the death of a dream or possibly a unfavorable event. Or you have lost […]

  • Bible Verses On Being Yourself

    Woman looking in a mirror seeing if she measures up to Bible verses About being Yourself

    What is True Biblical Self? Let’s face it. You can’t listen to Christian Radio very long without hearing about your biblical self. Sometimes multiple songs in a row. Sure, it’s fun to bob your head in the car to Michael W. Smith and Matthew West…but what is the true Biblical view of self? Are there […]