Insights for bolstering your faith in Jesus Christ, inspiration from a Christian perspective.

  • Barnabas The Encourager

    photo of a the Authentic Influence it has the word Barnabas on it

    This post is sponsored by the publisher of “Authentic Influencer,” but all opinions expressed are my own. Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Christian influencer?  If so, Jonathan Murphy’s revolutionary new book Authentic Influencer; The Barnabas Way of Life Shaping Lives for Jesus is an excellent read. Years ago, a pastor […]

  • Prayer For Achieving Goals

    The back of a brown-haired woman with her hand raised in a blue sky filled with clouds showing an example of a prayer for achieving goals

    When striving for success, a prayer for achieving goals can be a powerful tool that propels us forward and helps align our paths to the divine. Prayer also gives you the clarity and direction needed to achieve your goals. I’ve had personal experience with praying over your dreams. I’ve just signed a book contract with […]

  • Spiritual Meaning Of Forgetting Dreams

    A sleeping women with her brown hair and a yellow scarf spread out with her representing spiritual meaning of forgotten dreams

    Dreams are an important part of spiritual life, offering insight into our inner selves and allowing us to process our experiences. But what does it mean when we forget our dreams? Is forgetting normal, or is there a spiritual significance to this phenomenon? In this article, we’ll explore the spiritual meaning of forgetting your dreams […]

  • Spiritual Meaning Of Grave In A Dream

    Black and white photo of a bird perched on a grave Spiritual meaning of grave in a dream

    Dreaming of a grave can evoke spiritual meanings. Graves are often associated with death, endings, and new beginnings, so it’s important to consider the spiritual interpretations when you dream of a graveyard or tombstone.  It could be an omen that a spiritual transformation is coming up in your life. Or it may represent feelings of […]

  • Powerful Psalms For Easter

    Woman wearing overalls holding a sing that says He is Risen for Psalms for Easter

    Take a step into Psalms for Easter! In this blog post, we will explore various psalms that are sung or read during the Easter season. Psalm 118 is one of the most popular Psalms for Easter. We will uncover additional Psalms that prophesy Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Psalm 2 Brings us to the cross, where […]

  • Exalt God

    A man and woman have their arms outstretched exalt God

    Exalt God! It is a simple statement, but one with profound meaning. When we exalt God, we are declaring His supremacy over all else and acknowledging that He is the one true God and worthy of our praise and worship. . What does it mean to exalt God? Exalt means to rise high to elevate, […]