How to Have A Winning New Year. Pick a Word


One word can change your life or one cruel word spoken by another can haunt you for the rest of your life. And that’s why choosing a word for the next 365 days can be life changing instead of the traditional life sucking resolutions. Included in this post are plenty of word of the year ideas, how to pick your word of the year and what to do with your word of the year.

Word Of The Year Verses Versus New Year Resolutions

At the start of January, my health club is swamped with eager participants ready to crush their goals. By the end of the month,  it’s a ghost town. All those good intentions crumpled up in a gym bag, hidden underneath the brand-new workout clothes. Been there. Done that, ended up feeling like a failure with my lack of follow through.

Resolutions are a setup for failure while a word of the year lifts you up for success.

one word

New Year’s resolutions are the nagging relative making you feel guilty, while a one word is your best friend guiding you through the next twelve months.

How Do I Choose My Word Of The Year 2024?

It’s best to find a word that God already has already picked out for you in 2024. That’s the sweet spot word! But no pressure!

Follow the Steps Below for picking your One word.

1 See my word of the year ideas below. Scan the list and pick one or two words that seem to jump out at you or interest you.

2 Find out the definition of your word(s), this will help narrow the selection process if you can’t decide between two year of the words.

3 Write the definition and find a Bible verse of the Year to go with your year of the word.

4 Pray over your word of the year.

What are the Benefits of picking a Word of the Year?

Choosing a word of the year is easy and fun. When you’re focusing on one word throughout the day, it helps with managing your time and thoughts better throughout the day.

Your year of the word will help guide to pick better choices at the moment. For example, if your word is (present), and you’re with your kids or friends, you might really practice listening to them to honor your word.

Choosing a word might make new routines easier by sticking to that word.

Your word can get lost in the busyness of life. Keep your special word in front of you, by wearing word of the year jewelry.

Word of the Year Template free PDF Worksheet with questions for picking your one word

Let’s Pick Your Word Of The Year

I’ve included a free printable instant downloadable word of the year worksheet to help you in this entire process. The first page will help you select your word of the year, if you’re torn between two words. The second page will help you do a deep dive into your word keeping the vision in front of you.

Step 1 -300 Word of the Year Ideas

Free Word of The year Ideas list

Below is a chart of potential year of the word of the year ideas. Also I provided an easy to read numerical list.

  1. Abide
  2. Abstain
  3. Abundance
  4. Acceptance
  5. Accomplish
  6. Achievement
  7. Act
  8. Adaptable
  9. Advance
  10. Alert
  11. Align
  12. Alignment
  13. Anointed
  14. Anticipation
  15. Appreciate
  16. Arise
  17. Ask
  18. Authority
  19. Authentic
  20. Available
  21. Awaken
  22. Balance
  23. Be
  24. Becoming
  25. Behold
  26. Believe
  27. Better
  28. Beautiful
  29. Blameless
  30. Birth
  31. Bloom
  32. Blessed
  33. Brave
  34. Breakthrough
  35. Brilliance
  36. Build
  37. Calm
  38. Capable
  39. Change
  40. Choose
  41. Clarity
  42. Closer
  43. Committed
  44. Compassion
  45. Complete
  46. Confidence
  47. Considerate
  48. Connect
  49. Consistency
  50. Contentment
  51. Conquer
  52. Courage
  53. Courageous
  54. Cultivate
  55. Declutter
  56. Decrease
  57. Decree
  58. Dedicated
  59. Deeper
  60. Delight
  61. Deliberate
  62. Deliverance
  63. Dependent
  64. Depth
  65. Determination
  66. Devoted
  67. Discernment
  68. Discipline
  69. Discover
  70. Dream
  71. Driven
  72. Dwell
  73. Eager
  74. Efficient
  75. Elegance
  76. Empower
  77. Embrace
  78. Encounter
  79. Encourage
  80. Endurance
  81. Engage
  82. Energy
  83. Exuberant
  84. Expectant
  85. Enjoy
  86. Endure
  87. Enlighten
  88. Enough
  89. Epic
  90. Execute
  91. Exhale
  92. Expectant
  93. Explore
  94. Extravagance
  95. Excellence
  96. Excel
  97. Expend
  98. Faithful
  99. Faithfulness
  100. Family
  101. Faith
  102. Fasting
  103. Favor
  104. Fearless
  105. Fierce
  106. Find
  107. Finish
  108. Fight
  109. Flourish
  110. Flexible
  111. Focus
  112. Foundation
  113. Forgive
  114. Fortress
  115. Fortitude
  116. Forward
  117. Freedom
  118. Fruitfulness
  119. Follow
  120. Gather
  121. Gentleness
  122. Giving
  123. Glory
  124. Glad
  125. Go
  126. Goodness
  127. Grace
  128. Grateful
  129. Generosity
  130. Grit
  131. Genuine
  132. Hallelujah
  133. Happy
  134. Harmony
  135. Harvest
  136. Healed
  137. Healing
  138. Healthy
  139. Holy
  140. Honor
  141. Hope
  142. Humility
  143. Hunger
  144. Illuminate
  145. Imagine
  146. Increase
  147. Inspire
  148. Intentional
  149. Intense
  150. Intimacy
  151. Invest
  152. Invite
  153. Improve
  154. Jesus
  155. Joy
  156. Justice
  157. Kindness
  158. Laugher
  159. Learn
  160. Launch
  161. Less
  162. Listen
  163. Live
  164. Love
  165. Lovely
  166. Loyal
  167. Masterpiece
  168. Magnificent
  169. Marvelous
  170. Meekness
  171. Mercy
  172. Mighty
  173. Mindful
  174. More
  175. Motivation
  176. Move
  177. Momentum
  178. Multiply
  179. New
  180. Nourish
  181. Noble
  182. Now
  183. Nutritious
  184. Obedience
  185. Obtain
  186. Oneness
  187. Open
  188. Opportunity
  189. Organize
  190. Original
  191. Overcomer
  192. Overflow
  193. Patience
  194. Patient
  195. Passionate
  196. Pause
  197. Peace
  198. Permission
  199. Persist
  200. Persistence
  201. Plenty
  202. Powerful
  203. Practice
  204. Pray
  205. Praise
  206. Praiseworthy
  207. Preparation
  208. Present
  209. Presence
  210. Prevail
  211. Produce
  212. Proclaim
  213. Progress
  214. Promises
  215. Propel
  216. Prosper
  217. Pure
  218. Purposeful
  219. Pursue
  220. Push
  221. Quality
  222. Receive
  223. Rebuild
  224. Rejoice
  225. Relish
  226. Release
  227. Renew
  228. Relentless
  229. Repentance
  230. Rest
  231. Restoration
  232. Revival
  233. Revive
  234. Righteousness
  235. Rise
  236. Satisfied
  237. Sanctified
  238. Saved
  239. Salvation
  240. Savor
  241. Search
  242. Seek
  243. Serenity
  244. Serve
  245. Shine
  246. Silence
  247. Simplify
  248. Sing
  249. Solid
  250. Spiritual
  251. Sparkle
  252. Splendor
  253. Stability
  254. Stable
  255. Stamina
  256. Steadfast
  257. Step
  258. Stewardship
  259. Stillness
  260. Strength
  261. Strong
  262. Studious
  263. Study
  264. Submit
  265. Support
  266. Success
  267. Surrender
  268. Survivor
  269. Tenacious
  270. Tether
  271. Thrive
  272. Thoughtful
  273. Time
  274. Together
  275. Transformation
  276. Transition
  277. Treasure
  278. Triumph
  279. Trust
  280. Truth
  281. Unity
  282. Unshakable
  283. Unstoppable
  284. Valuable
  285. Victorious
  286. Victory
  287. Vision
  288. Virtuous
  289. Vitality
  290. Volunteer
  291. Vulnerable
  292. Wait
  293. Warrior
  294. Whole
  295. Willpower
  296. Wisdom
  297. Worship
  298. Worthy
  299. Worthwhile
  300. Yield

Congrats, If you found you’re year of the word, jump to step 4.

If you are torn between two, the digital printable will help you narrow your choice down to one word in the following three easy steps.

 Step 2  Meanings

Finding the definitions for both of your potential words will provide clarification and help narrow your choice. Also, you will discover which definition fits in better with your plans, goals, and desires for 2024.

Go to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, then record definition on the word of the year printable provided.

One Word List

Now find two Bible verses, one for each word by using this resource, Knowing-Jesus. This is easy, simply scroll down toward the end of the page and insert your word. Look for this box pictured below.

Find one verse for each of your words. Choose the scripture that leaps out at you and/or fits your situation. Write the Bible verses on the printable. Now you’re almost done, the next section is the fun part.

Step 3 Confirmation

Ask God which of the two words shall be yours for 2024. God will always provide confirmation, “on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter shall be confirmed.” (Deut 19:15).  I suggest you pray and ask God and see what He  highlights to you over the next couple of days.

Don’t rush, this word of the year will be your “friend” for  365 days! It like a scavenger hunt seeing where your word turns up. It can show up anywhere, in the Bible, a sermon, song, movie, spoken by another. The possibilities are endless. Be alert and keep your eyes open.

For instance, this happened to me when I was trying to decide between efficient and proclaim. Proclaim appeared twice during my regular Bible reading. The next day a pastor mentioned proclaim in their sermon.

I pray in Jesus’s name the Lord will show you confirming signs within the next couple days so you will know exactly which word will be yours for 2024.

If you are unsure about asking God for signs, check out our December word.

words and birds flying out of a book

Once you feel you have confirmation, fill out page two of the printable. You can jump ahead to Step 4A since you have most of this information in your selection process.

Step 4 Definition and pick a Bible Verse Of The Year

Finding the definition, along with the synonyms at Merriam Webster, will help bring this word alive and hopefully help you met your plans and desires over 2022. Record what you find on page 2 of the free printable.

One Word for the year

Next find a Bible verses of the year, that uses you word of the year using this resource, Knowing-Jesus. Simply scroll down toward the end of the page and insert your word. Look for this box pictured below.

Choose whatever scripture seems to leap out at you and/or fits your situation. Write your Bible Verse of the year on page 2, of the free printable. This Bible Verse of the year that includes your year of the word might be the scripture that helps guide you throughout 2024.

Step 4A Prayer

Write a heartfelt prayer to God stating why and how this word of the year along with your Bible verse of the year will guide you through 2024. Just journal why you selected this word and the outcome you desire for 2024.

Word of The Year Ideas

Keep your year of the word, along with your Bible verse of the year alive. I confess last year’s word got lost in the shuffle and I’m determined not to let that happen this year, so here are some tips to keep focused on your one word.

  • Schedule it your phone’s calendar on the 1st day of every month
  • Text the word to yourself
  • Journal about your one word
  • Get a tattoo (just kidding!!)
  • Daily be Mindful of your word.
  • Make your own screensaver.
  • Order a calligraphy/print of your one word on fiverr.
  • Or ask your kids to draw your word.
  • word of the year bracelet
  • word of the year necklace
Photo of a word of the year designed by fiver

The beauty of getting your children involved, they might want to select their own. Or maybe you might select one word over your entire family.

I pray your year of the word for 2024 and your Bible Verse of the year will be a blessing and setting you up for success for your entire word. Not like those resolutions that don’t see the light of day after the third week of January.

4 easy steps to your one Word for your new Year
A glass goblet shown on fire for spiritual meaning of a burning house in a dream

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  1. Abide….Psalm 91:1 is going to be my key verse this year. Thank you Susan, for this wonderful tool to help me keep on course 2021. 💜

    1. I love that word abide!!! Your key verse is perfect. I can’t wait to see what God does in your life in 2021. Abundant blessings!

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