• Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages

    Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages, actual photos of the pages and pencils

    Some people like to color Bible verse coloring pages because it not only helps them focus on the bible verse, but it also creates a beautiful piece of art. Others may use this as a form of meditating or praying. 8 Benefits of Bible Verse Coloring Page 1) It’s found that practicing faith-based activities increases […]

  • Bible Verses About Joy: Free Printable

    Joyful woman reading Bible Verses About Joy

    When you’re feeling down, it’s time to pull out the Bible Verses About Joy. We all can learn to have more joy in our lives and spread that joy to others! Our free printable bible verses will keep these joyful verses in your heart. We’ve included a second free printable bible study worksheet, helping discover […]

  • Hedge of Protection Prayer

    dark haired woman standing next to a hedge saying a hedge of protection prayer

    We all heard others pray a hedge of protection prayer over their loved ones, possessions, or property, but what does it really mean? When I imagine a picture of a hedge, I think of a well-manicured maze, it might prevent a squirrel from entering my property but not hold up against spiritual evil or physical […]

  • When God Fights Your Battles

    A woman at sunrise holding our her arms thinking when God fights your battles

    Have you ever felt like God’s not fighting for you? You might feel stuck in a difficult situation with no way out. Sometimes family and friends might ditch you in your time of need. You feel abandoned. I know I felt that way. But that’s when we need to know God is always for you […]

  • Spiritual Warfare Prayer Points Breakthrough

    A woman holding her hands up to stop Spiritual Warfare Prayer Points

    Does it seem like you are getting attacked from every area of your life? It’s been one thing after another, work problems, family misunderstandings, car breakdowns, or a microwave exploding. Spiritual warfare prayer points will help prepare you for the invisible spiritual battle that rages all around us. Remember Satan comes to kill, steal, and […]

  • 5 Powerful Promises of God’s Goodness

    Woman crossing her fingers hoping for promises of God's goodness

    What are the promises of God’s goodness? I’m sure you’ve heard God is good. Do you believe it? I desperately wanted to believe in the promises of God’s goodness. But I had a severe case of the ifs. If God’s so good, why did my niece die from cystic fibrosis? Or why did my son […]