Barnabas The Encourager


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Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Christian influencer?

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Years ago, a pastor led me to believe Barnabas’ parting of ways with Paul over Mark John proved Barnabas acted in disobedience. Resulting in Barnabas’ disappearance from the Bible.

Not true at all.

Turns out, Barnabas was the one who defended Paul to the original apostles. And Barnabas the Encourager, was an authentic Christian Influencer, not just “gaining followers” but impacting the body of Christ in everything he put his hand to.

What verse talks about Barnabas the encourager?

We encounter Barnabas in the fourth chapter of Acts, verse 36.

“Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom the apostles called Barnabas, which means “son of encouragement.”

Words can have a lasting impact and when someone speaks ill of us, it’s like an invisible poison to our emotional well-being; however, Barnabas inspired those around him with his encouraging words. The apostles, those who witnessed Jesus’ love first hand are the ones who called Barnabas the encourager!

“A practical step toward authentic influence over those around you is generosity in speech.” Jonathan Murphy

Barnabas was generous and uplifting, donating his wealth to the apostles by selling off a plot of land. (Acts 4:37)

The author’s depiction of Barnabas’ magnanimous nature is inspiring, “He (Barnabas) that when a person is saved by that includes his wallet.”

 From experience, you can’t out-give God, as long as you don’t give to get.

By learning from Barnabas’ example and making him our role model, we can become authentic Christian influencers in our own lives. We need to be generous with our words and follow the example of Barnabas, dedicating ourselves to encouraging others, and when God leads us, we need to open our wallets.

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What was significant about Barnabas?

Besides being labeled an encouraging and giver, “Barnabas discerned potential when everyone else saw a problem.” states Jonathan Murphy.

A stop sign that say difficult Ahead See Potential instead of problems


Paul sought to kill Christians until a miraculous encounter with Jesus caused Paul to convert to Christianity. While the apostles were doubtful of his sincerity, Barnabas saw past this and stood by him and brought Paul to be accepted by the apostles. “Barnabas discerned God’s doing in the unusual details occurring around him.”

The author mentions Barnabas Principle-Risk

“A Godly Influencer takes risks, and people are always risky.” Authentic Influencers. (page 67)

Mark John

Later, Barnabas proposed that Mark John accompany them on a pastoral trip; unfortunately, Paul refused. Mark John’s premature departure from his last voyage had left Paul annoyed. Mr. Murphy puts it like this: Barnabas seemed more person-centered, while Paul was task oriented.

This brings us to another Barnabas Principle-Conflict, “A godly influencer handles tension well. page 141.

Two pairs of feet going different ways A godly influencer handles tension well

Barnabas and Mark John set out in separate directions from Paul. According to the author, Barnabas’ Godly character had influenced Mark John since Mark John become the renowned writer of the Gospel of Mark!

Barnabas fades away, but his legacy continues.

Read the Authentic Influencer and allow Barnabas the encourager, to reach across time and inspire us today.

Now we heard about Barnabas kindness here are some Bible Verses about Kindness.

A glass goblet shown on fire for spiritual meaning of a burning house in a dream

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