• Prayer For Moving To A New Place

    women unpacking a bedding box and saying a prayer for moving to a new place

    Moving is a lot of work! Aside from the stress of packing up your belongings and beginning again, there are constant questions. Is this the proper location?? Is it safe? Will you be happy in your new neighborhood and meet new friends? Prayer for moving to a new place can help ease your mind and […]

  • Prayer For Strength During Difficult Times: Look To God

    Prayer for Strength during difficult times a woman is praying on her knees and her shadow appears to be a superhero with a cape

    It’s tough dealing with painful situations. Often, we feel we are alone in our struggles. During these moments, it’s important to remember we’re not alone. God is with us. One of the best ways to connect with God during painful situations is to pray for strength. It’s remarkable how much better it feels when you […]

  • Prayer for Forgiveness

    A woman on her knees praying a prayer for forgiveness

    Do you have someone that you need to forgive? Maybe it’s yourself. Maybe it’s someone else. The truth is, we all need to practice forgiveness in order to live a life of genuine freedom. In this blog post, we will discuss the power of prayer for forgiveness and how it can help us let go […]

  • Prayer For Travel Safety

    Prayer for travel safety with People at airport pulling their luggage through an airport with the sun rising

    Traveling is exciting but also tricky. You never know what might happen. Therefore, prayers for travel safety are essential to smooth out any problems along the way. After all, travel includes lots of waiting time, which are perfect opportunities to pray for traveling mercies. Included in this post are many different prayers for travel that […]

  • Prayer for Favor

    Prayer For Favor girl praying

    Prayer for favor is a powerful way to petition for guidance and assistance from the divine. When we pray for favor, we are asking for God’s help in achieving our goals and dreams. We can be open and specific in our prayers, expressing what we would like to see happen in our lives. Keep in […]

  • Prayer for Self-Control

    Prayer for Self-Control Woman in a forest chained to her phone

    Face it, you wake up every morning full of good intentions and detailed plans for the day. But your mind or body betrays or something unexpected happens that causes you to reach for a candy bar, a vice or the time-suck of a phone. You hear a whisper from the recesses of your mind- you […]