• The Miracle Power Of 3 am Prayer

    A clock on the wall that reads 3 and a woman with her hand clasp engaging at 3 am prayer

    Have you ever woken with a jolt at 3 am, with the urge to prayer or connect with God? Welcome to the 3 am prayer when it seems like a divine nudge from God urging you to pray and intercede about a serious matter. Or a clear sign God desires to communicate something meaningful. Others […]

  • Prayer for God To Reveal Hidden Things

    A black woman praying and a treasure chest is floating in front of her. emphasizing prayer for god to reveal hidden things

    Seeking prayer for God to reveal hidden things can set you on a new path, finding creative solutions to problems or deepening one’s connection to God. closer to God. Asking for insight into the unknown can also lead to clarity, helping to remove uncertainty and confusion from your life. Through prayer, you invite God into […]

  • Prayer To Expose Lies

    Black woman praying on her bed with an open Bible and a street sign is over her Bible which emphasis prayer to expose lies

    Are you feeling lied to or betrayed? Using prayer to expose lies is a powerful tool to help uncover truth, provide comfort, and strengthen you while struggling with the effects of lies and deception. This blog post will explore prayer to expose lies and prayers to confront lies. How Prayer Can Help Expose Lies What […]

  • Bless Your Prayer Time: 10 Acronym for Prayer

    the word prayer is on a light wood with bursts of blue and purple paint representing acronym for prayer

    Struggling to stay focused during prayer? Acronym for prayer are here to assist! Make your prayers impactful with these 10 powerful prayer acronyms – they will help you organize and articulate your requests while you remember to cover all relevant points. Let’s get started! 1)P.R.A.Y.E.R Acronym for Prayer The P.R.A.Y.E.R. acronym is a useful guide […]

  • 14 Easter Prayers

    two plates with pink tulips

    As Easter quickly approaches, it is important to take time and reflect on the monumental sacrifice Jesus made for us. Easter is a special time for believers as we come together to celebrate His resurrection and atonement for our sins. One way to honor this season is by praying Easter prayers of thanksgiving, intercession and […]

  • Why Prayer Makes You Feel Better

    A black woman smiling and praying showing why prayer makes you feel better

    When your back is against the wall, you can try many things to find comfort, such as crying on a friend’s shoulder, watching a funny movie, or even eating your favorite food. But all these things are temporary, and you might find great comfort in prayer. So, why does prayer make you feel better? Prayer […]