• Spiritual Warfare Prayer Points Breakthrough

    A woman holding her hands up to stop Spiritual Warfare Prayer Points

    Does it seem like you are getting attacked from every area of your life? It’s been one thing after another, work problems, family misunderstandings, car breakdowns, or a microwave exploding. Spiritual warfare prayer points will help prepare you for the invisible spiritual battle that rages all around us. Remember Satan comes to kill, steal, and […]

  • Powerful Prayer For Patience When You Want to Scream

    not patient woman holding her face because she needs prayer for patience

    I really need the prayer for patience. Throughout my life family friends and slow moving strangers would, tell me patience way a virtue. Thanks… but get out of my way. Everything changed when I became a Christian, God began dealing with my impatience. It’ wasn’t that I was rude, but on the inside I often […]

  • Prayer for Wisdom and Guidance: 10 Ways to Pray

    woman looking up at God sitting on aa woman sitting on a stack of books looking up at God for a prayer for wisdom and guidance looking up to God

    Do you need wisdom? Do you need guidance? I know I do, especially when I’m figuring out what direction I should make on an important decision. A prayer for wisdom and guidance from God might yield some additional knowledge to help you make an informed decision. Many times God has given me “inside information” or […]

  • Thanksgiving Prayer For Healing Give Thanks to Our God

    woman in meadow holding her hands out to God next to an empty wheelchair giving a thanksgiving prayer to God

    A thanksgiving prayer for healing to God is a powerful way to show gratitude. Thanking God is an important part of the process when we experience His healing power. Maybe it’s because only God, knows the power of thanksgiving prayers. In addition, the word of God is filled with the importance of being thankful. Below […]

  • Prayer for Peace in the Family For a Joyful Home

    A peaceful woman sitting in her sun room with bible for prayer for peace for the family

    I know sometimes life can feel chaotic in my home. I don’t always have the strength to keep it together. When the kids fight nonstop or there are disagreements between loved ones, how do we find and keep our peace, let alone find joy? On hard days I might pray the following prayer for peace […]