• Thanksgiving Prayer For Healing Give Thanks to Our God

    woman in meadow holding her hands out to God next to an empty wheelchair giving a thanksgiving prayer to God

    A thanksgiving prayer for healing to God is a powerful way to show gratitude. Thanking God is an important part of the process when we experience His healing power. Maybe it’s because only God, knows the power of thanksgiving prayers. In addition, the word of God is filled with the importance of being thankful. Below […]

  • Prayer for Peace in the Family For a Joyful Home

    A peaceful woman sitting in her sun room with bible for prayer for peace for the family

    I know sometimes life can feel chaotic in my home. I don’t always have the strength to keep it together. When the kids fight nonstop or there are disagreements between loved ones, how do we find and keep our peace, let alone find joy? On hard days I might pray the following prayer for peace […]

  • Prayer For Friendship: Speak Life Over Your Friends

    three woman smiling and praying the bible

    Before I knew God, when my worldly friends ask for my help, I wish them luck, crossed my fingers, or knock on my prized petrified wood coffee table. Well, later down the road when I became a Christian, I learned the beauty of praying for friendships and the power of reciprocal prayer. Sharing prayers or […]

  • Why & How To Pray Scripture For Your Breakthrough

    Woman outside holding a bible and praying

    Have you ever wondered why pray scripture? After all, doesn’t God know his own word? Praying the Word of God is one of the most powerful ways that we can work towards breakthrough in our lives. I confess, I had a nasty habit of complaining. I needed to end my constant stream of complaints. So […]

  • Prayer for Faithfulness When Your Struggling to Believe

    Copy of Untitled 10 1

    Did you ever pray your heart out for something you desperately wanted? But it didn’t happen. Maybe you were believing for a body or a marriage to be healed but the person dies or the marriage crumbles. There’s been times, I’ve cried out the prayer for faithfulness, as my loyal dog has licked the salty […]

  • ACTS In Prayer Free Printables

    Woman smiling and holding her bibel

    Prayer is how we communicate and worship God. Prayer can also be overwhelming for believers. Why? We get stuck in our heads thinking we have to sound a certain way or say certain things. Jesus gave the disciples a template for prayer in what we call “The Lord’s Prayer.” (Matthew 6:5-15) This prayer has some […]