• Benefits of Reading the Bible

    11 Benefits of Reading Your Bible A photo of a Bible in puzzle

    One of the best ways, in committing to your faith and learning the gospel is reading the Bible, consistently. But many people may not be aware of all the benefits of reading scripture. Therefore, this article provides eleven benefits of reading the bible and how bible reading will positively benefit your life.   Benefits of Reading […]

  • Scriptural Prayers For Protection From Evil

    Girl with Bible and sword protecting her from evil Scriptural Prayers For Protection

    Feeling afflicted from evil? Who hasn’t lately? And for that’s reason, I’m sharing 43 protection scriptures. In August 2020, a Derecho storm was barreling toward my home. While, the tornado sirens blared, my family headed to the basement. Honestly, it was scary, the wind howled, and the lights flashed out. To calm my fears, I […]

  • September 2020 Prophetic Word Double & Ox


    September 18 is Rosh Hashanah/The Feast of the Trumpets, the New Year 5781. Jewish festivals have spiritual significance for Christians since Jesus observed them all. God considered these holidays, “My appointed feasts.” Besides, I am all for celebrating the Rosh Hashanah, anything to move forward, and leave 2020 behind! One sign associated with 5781 is […]

  • Prophetic Word for April 2020 Steadfast

    Rose with the prophetic word for 2020 is steadfast

    The prophetic word for April 2020 is steadfast. God is still good in a world full of heart. He is always with us and keeps eye on us. Therefore, when we feel any difficulty we say our prayer to God. Prophetic Word for April 2020 Please note starting 4-21, the monthly prophetic word will be […]

  • How to Take Communion At Home

    how to-take-communion-at-home-Jesus-holding-bread-and-wine

    Learn how to take communion in your own home. A powerful combination is taking daily communion and applying the blood of Jesus to your lives. So let’s learn more about taking communion. Elements of Communion The wine represents the Jesus’s Blood. There is power in the blood of Jesus. Moreover, we can apply the Blood […]