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Step out at Susan L Davis we help people grow in their relationship with God by simplifying scripture, prayer, and finding spiritual meaning. Please enjoy the free resources below created with you in mind.

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Find your next step with me as we walk this path together! Let’s Simply Your Spiritual Journey

2024 Month Bible Reading Plan
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Free 31 Day Prayer Journal Acts Of Service

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Explore our popular Spiritual Meanings of Dreams and Symbols, loved by many for the valuable insights and guidance they provide on your spiritual journey.

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Discover the hidden messages in your dreams with my free dream interpretation service, available to help you find peace and understanding—just an email away.

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Debut Book Coming Soon!

Susan’s debut novel, 63 Hours in Hell, portrays Jesus’s epic journey to hell, offering a backstory that rivals any Marvel movie. Scheduled for release in January 2025, the book will be published by Abundance Books.

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Meet Susan L Davis

Susan L Davis is an author, blogger, speaker, content creator, and ordained minister. She’s been married for 29 years has two children, one with special needs the other a certified dog trainer. They have 3 dogs ranging in weight from 90 to 6 pounds who they love dearly.

Susan was an agnostic until she met Jesus at a funeral. He grabbed hold of her heart and she felt so much love for him that it changed everything in her life from there on out. She now tells others about Him every chance she gets and writes inspirational blogs as well.

I’m glad your here! If you would like a pray please contact me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to pray and send you specific scriptures to pray over your situation.

Here are what some wonderful individuals have to say about Susan…

“Susan, no words in the world could express my gratitude to you. Epilepsy has tormented me since the age of 19 years old and I am 47 years now. Your prayers for my healing and to hear the voice of God came true, through a series of dreams God revealed how I acquired this dreadful sickness and delivered me. Many have prayed for me, but God choose you as the vehicle to answer my prayer through.  I believe your sincere, heartfelt, and effective prayer reached the throne of God and healed me. We give all the Glory to Jesus!  “
Saudi Arabia

“I want to give a testimony about what God has done for me, through Susan’s ministry. I want to thank Susan for standing with me in prayer until God answered our prayers. My marriage was in shambles, my husband had a girlfriend involved in witchcraft. Our children were suffering as well. I sought God and I sent a prayer request to Susan and hallelujah after much inner turmoil, my breakthrough finally came. God brought justice to my family, my husband ended his affair and my marriage and family  has been restored. Recently, I have been ordained as a prophet, and lead a traveling evangelism team.  In our meetings, God is healing and delivering people through the works of the Holy Spirit.”
Pearl, South Africa

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” Philippians 1:3 Susan has been a huge blessing to me from. Her prophetic words have especially been such a blessing and encouragement to me.  I know she hears from the heart of our Father God.  Her intimate relationship and devotion to our Father God is one I aspire to have one day. She is a May God richly bless you Susan as you continue to bless Him.  You are a cup that overflows from the Father’s heart to all those around you.

Margaret, Scottland