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  • Free Printable Prayer Calendars

    Free Printable Prayer Calendars, woman seating at desk writing

    Prayer calendars are an effective method for incorporating prayer into your daily routine and maintain it. A prayer calendar may also help you keep track of your time and plan your daily prayers. It may be an excellent motivator to stay on track if you struggle with a certain issue, for instance, forgiveness or self-control. […]

  • Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages

    Free Printable Bible Verse Coloring Pages, actual photos of the pages and pencils

    Some people like to color Bible verse coloring pages because it not only helps them focus on the bible verse, but it also creates a beautiful piece of art. Others may use this as a form of meditating or praying. 8 Benefits of Bible Verse Coloring Page 1) It’s found that practicing faith-based activities increases […]

  • Free Monthly Bible Reading Plan

    12 month Bible reading plan for beginners

    I’m sharing my free 12 monthly Bible reading plan for beginners or if you have been studying the Bible for years. The free monthly Bible reading plan is for anyone who wants to do a simple, yet effective topical Bible study. You can start any time. The Bible can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to figure […]

  • 31 Salvation Scriptures To Pray Free Resource

    photo of 31 Salvation Scriptures

    Pray 31 salvation scriptures over your loved ones. There is daily bible verse for each day of the month. Click Below for a free instant download of these powerful Bible verses. Prayer for the Unbeliever Holy Spirit hover around this unbeliever and remove the blinders the enemy has placed over __________’s, mind, eyes, and ears. […]