Free Monthly Bible Reading Plan

I’m sharing my free 12 monthly Bible reading plan for beginners or if you have been studying the Bible for years. The free monthly Bible reading plan is for anyone who wants to do a simple, yet effective topical Bible study. You can start any time.

The Bible can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to figure out where to start and focus on what you’re reading, especially if you have limited time. I’ve learned a topical bible study keeps me stay focused and helps me grow spiritually.

Free monthly Bible Reading plan for beginners

photo of the 12 scripture writing plan


The Free Bible Study Topics are below just click on any month

January Scripture writing plan New Beginning with a carnation flower on it
February Scripture writing plan Heart Reflections with a purple iris flower on it
March Scripture writing plan Resurrection and Renewal with a daffodil flower on it
April Scripture writing plan Prayer Power with a pink lily flower on it
May Scripture writing plan Judge not with a white lily of the valley flower on it
January Scripture writing plan Heaven's Whispers with a red rose flower on it
July Scripture writing plan Your Purpose with a pink and purple flowers on it
August Scripture writing plan Peaceful Pursuits with a carnation flower on it
September Scripture writing plan harvest of hope with a purple flowers on it
October Scripture writing plan Victory over evil with an orange carnation flower on it
November Scripture writing plan Thankful and Content with a fall flowers on it

December Scripture Writing Plan Savor the Savior with christmas flowers

OR Download the entire free PDF of the monthly Bible reading plan for beginners or anyone who wants to deep dive into a topical bible study.

Or Download the entire free PDF of the monthly Bible reading plan for beginners or anyone who wants to deep dive into a topical Bible Study

Now available in Spanish monthly Bible Reading plan.

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  • Bible Journaling Pages (tailored to each topic)
  • Scripture Writing Plan
  • Prayer Journal
  • Printable And Fillable versions, once downloaded you can type directly on the form.
  • Bible Verse Coloring Pages
  • Word Search
  • Bible Verse Phone Wallpaper
  • Extra Journal Page
  • Calendar Page

By receiving all these goodies every month, it will help you soak in the topical study gaining you even greater understanding which could led to your breakthrough.

What is a Topical Bible Study?

It is studying the Bible verse by verse in context rather than just reading through the Bible. It’s focusing on one topic at a time for instance, focusing on reading about God’s promises. You would find all the Bible Verses about God’s promises and focus and meditate on one of God’s promises verses each day.

It’s simple each day is one or two scriptures. We found Bible verses by topic each includes a PDF. Each day includes one to two verses to ponder and grow in the Godly topic.

Why Do A Topical Bible Study Lessons?

A topical study is a Bible study that focuses on one topic. You can see what you learn when studying all the verses about that topic. As you go through each day’s Bible verse, you understand the subject with greater clarity and how the verses related to each other.

Who knows, you might see some changes in your life as you go through each month. For me, every time I study forgiveness, my heart softens to those around me.

By Receiving All The Additional Freebies, It will really help you deep dive into the theme and help you memorize scriptures.

Who would benefit from our free topical Bible Study Plans?

This would be an encouraging Bible Study for New Believers, beginners or anyone who wants to grow in their faith. Since you will gain a greater understanding of topics in an easy, engaging way.

The monthly free Bible study lessons for adults printable would complement any Bible study program, be it in a church group or even reading the Bible by yourself.

Finding Time

It’s easy to fit this quick monthly reading plan while enjoying your first cup of steaming coffee, lunch or after a long day. You can add the scripture writing plan and the fun activities when you have more time.

Keep in mind the daily bible verses are one or two verses so it will be easy to fit into your schedule. To make things simple, one of the phone wallpapers has all the verses for each day to make it even easier for you to have the monthly reading plan accessible.

I confess sometimes I have to force myself to study the scriptures before I turn to social media, I find doing the daily reading plan first thing in the morning helps setup my day for a peaceful day.

Additional Encouragement!

— Remember if you would like the entire free monthly Bible reading plan for beginners, please subscribe to my newsletter.

— This bible study is perfect for new believers or anyone looking to start a topical bible study lesson.

— Easy to follow because all the scriptures are in one place.

— Every month will have a new Bible study that focuses on different topics.

— You can add the scripture writing plan and fun activities when you have more time throughout the month.

— Keep in mind, it’s just one or two verses a day, so will be effortless for you to follow.

God Bless You on your Bible reading journey!


Free printable guide for reading through the entire bible in one year.

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