21 Prayers for Every Kind of Christmas Party & Activity

Who doesn’t love any type of Christmas party or activity? Start your gathering off right with a perfect prayer for a Christmas party or before any festive activity. Discover the right words to pray over your celebrations and the people you love. Don’t become wrapped up in busyness and forget to bless others with heartfelt Christmas prayers.

Below is a list of short prayers for your Christmas party or any circumstances you might cover with prayer this holiday season.

Prayer for Christmas Party, friends around the table are praying

1) Prayer for Christmas party—You’re the Host

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your Son, Jesus, the entire reason for we are celebrating Christmas. Thank You, Lord, for each member of our beautiful family and our amazing close friends. Let’s cherish this time together with laughter, tears and joy and make precious memories.

You can share any good news after the initial Christmas party prayer.

if someone got engaged, we want to congratulate, ________ (the couple) we welcome _____ (the new person’s name) into our family.

If someone announced their pregnant, we want to congratulate ________ (names) on their baby! We pray for a healthy baby and easy pregnancy.

Those are typically the big announcements at Christmas. You can congratulate new jobs/promotions, but use discernment, especially if someone in your family is out of work.

2) Prayer for Christmas Party—You’re not the host

Dear Father, Thank you for your gift of Jesus, who is the reason for our celebration. Thanks to _____________hosting this beautiful party, we appreciate their hard work and all this amazing food. Lord, thank you for this special time together to laugh, share our lives and make joyful memories at this Christmas Party. God Bless!

3) Short Prayer for Christmas Party

Merry Christmas! Dear Father, thank you for the gift of Jesus. We celebrate His birth, and we remember all the gifts He gives to us, especially salvation through faith in Him. Let’s rejoice and celebrate this special day together.

Short Prayer For Christmas Party

4) Prayer before a Christmas Party

Dear Lord, In Jesus’ name I pray my everyone will get along tonight and have a wonderful time. I pray, for a peaceful evening, there will be no discussions of politics or other controversies. Nobody will drink too much or dredge up uncomfortable things in the past. I pray everyone will feel welcome and included and Jesus will be lifted up and remembered this evening.

I pray Jesus will be near to all those who are affected by loss or illness and may everyone be kind and compassionate to those who are hurting. I pray everyone, here tonight will experience Your presence and feel Your love, and our family will be filled with joy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Virtual Parties

Although not ideal, it’s still wonderful to see and spend time with our loved ones, even if it’s over the computer or phones.

5) Prayer for Virtual Christmas Party

Dear Father, Thank you for Your gift of Jesus and thank you for making a way for us to be together. We pray, there will be no technology issues preventing us from being together. God bless everyone who is on here and those that couldn’t be on. Lord, we pray for divine health for all our families and for a beautiful Christmas season and a Happy New Year. We pray we will all be together in-person soon. Amen.

6) Closing Prayer for Virtual Christmas Party

Dear Father, Thank you for this wonderful time together. Father, keep everyone safe and healthy this holiday season and protect the ones we love. We hope and pray, next year we can celebrate in-person. God bless you all. Amen!

Prayer for Christmas Party At Work

It’s nice to say a prayer at Christmas parties, to set a nice tone for the evening.

7) Prayer for Christmas Party Work with significant others

God, bless _____________ (name of your workplace) and all our employees and their loved ones as we celebrate the joy of the season. We thank each one of you for your dedication to our company and we pray for another successful year. Enjoy. Merry Christmas Amen.

8) Prayer for Office Christmas Party- Just Employees

Thank you, God, for this time together with our co-workers, supervisors and managers. We are thankful for the food and we thank you for all the good things we have received throughout the year. We pray this party will be filled with laughs, fun and stress free. Amen and Happy Holidays.

9) Pray For Office Christmas Party- Faith Focused

Father, thank you for the gift of Jesus. God Bless ________ (name of workplace) and all our employees and their families. We want to thank each one of you for contributing to our company. We pray every year will be a success and we can grow together. May your light shine for Jesus in this season and throughout the year. Amen and Merry Christmas.

10) Prayer for the Office Party At Work

Father, We thank you for this time together with our co-workers. We pray everyone here will have a fun time tonight as we celebrate Christmas and another successful year. We appreciate everyone’s hard work, and we hope and prayer each one of you will have a Merry Christmas.

Prayers For Christmas Programs

Nothing warms your heart at Christmas with children in church or school Christmas programs.

 11) Prayer for a Christmas Program- Faith Focused

Lord, we thank you for this time together and for this opportunity to focus our attention on the true reason for the season. Jesus! We pray that tonight will be filled with laughter, joy, and peace as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. God Bless everyone here, and all those who worked diligently on our Christmas Program. May everyone feel Your presence tonight and receive your love. Amen.

12) Short Prayer for Christmas Program

Dear Father in heaven, thank you so much for this time together with our family, friends and church family. God we give you all the glory to You tonight as we remember Jesus’ birth on earth. God bless each one of us here tonight. Thank You, for everyone who has worked on this program. Amen.

Sumaritan’s Purse

As Christmas this ministry sends shoeboxes filled with items all over the world, Debbie a volunteer tells of real stories , “How else could the only kiddo with no coat get the shoebox with a jacket, or the girl in Africa with AIDS get a love note from a kid in America who has AIDS, or the child with cardboard in his shoes get shoes, that fit him no less!”

13) Prayer for Operation Christmas Child

Father, I pray these shoeboxes overflow with quality items for the children and their families to use. Lord, you know these precious children’s needs. We pray the right items gets delivered to the child who needs that exact box! We pray that through these shoeboxes, the children will feel the Father’s love and know Jesus and each of these children will follow God’s will for their life.

May the Holy Spirit guide each person as they prayerfully pack each. We pray this will be Samaritan’s Purse best shoebox packing year, ever. Thank you, Father, for blessing everyone involved in this huge undertaking. Amen.


Our pastors need additional prayers, since they are busy with additional Christmas programs and spend quality time with their families. One pastor I know does only Christmas Eve services since he wants to spend a quiet Christmas morning with his own family. This pastor wants to love on his kids and make Christmas morning memories with his family.

14) Pastoral Prayer For Christmas Eve

Dear Lord, I pray for the pastors today and we lift up Christmas Eve services. I pray their services will lead people to Christ and those that are believers will strengthen their relationships with Jesus. We ask the people at the services be filled with joy and happiness as families come together at church to celebrate Christmas.

I ask You to give pastors strength to get through this busy day. Holy Spirit, I pray you will come down with your blessings upon these services. We pray for a happy Christmas for the pastor’s families and all their needs will be met. Amen.

15 Prayer for Pastor

Dear Heavenly Father, Bless these pastors and their families throughout this busy Christmas season. We prayer our pastors stay focused on You, and never lose sight of God’s love. Please give our pastor strength during this Christmas season and bring people closer to Christ. We ask that all the financial needs of the church be met. We ask the Lord provide every need, both physical and spiritual, for the pastor and their families. Amen.

Christmas Activities

Christmas is a wonderful time to hang out with family and friends and do all types of fun activities.

16) Prayer for Christmas Tree Lighting

Christmas tree lighting ceremonies is a fun community activity to enjoy with your family.

Father God, we come before You today to thank you for this tree. We are so grateful to share this beautiful tree with the community. As we light this tree remind us, Jesus is the true light of the world, and He is the reason for the season. God Bless everyone here tonight and all those who will see this magnificent tree lit. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12.

Prayer for Christmas Tree lighting has prayer with a Christmas tree

17) Christmas Prayer while making Christmas cookies

Dear Lord, Fill us with love laughter and joy while we are baking. Help us to be patient, diligent, and prayerful as we do this act of kindness for others. May our acts of kindness reflect the generosity You give us every day. We ask that everyone who eats these treats is blessed with joy, health, and happiness this holiday season. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Additions Prayers For Christmas

At Christmas time it’s a perfect time to bless others with your prayers.

18) Christmas Prayer for Grieving

The first Christmas without your loved one is the hardest. Don’t be afraid to ask for prayer support during this time. You are not alone!

Dear Heavenly Father, send your Holy Spirit to comfort those who have lost loved ones. Give them your peace that surpasses all understanding as they face Christmas and the New Year without their loved ones. We pray family, friends, will surround those who are grieving. Lord, heal their hearts and give them the courage to face the holiday season. Let Your light shine in their hearts and comfort them and hold on to their joyful Christmas memories. Assure them they will see their loves ones again and be together in Heaven Amen.

19) Christmas Prayer for Healthcare Workers

Father God, in heaven we lift up to You, our dedicated physicians, nurses, technicians, etc… Be with them as they have to work through this holiday. We pray they will still be able to gather with their family and friends. Lord, we pray for you to fill them with joy and fill them with your love and they would pour that love to those who are sick and stuck in the hospital during Christmas. We pray You will help the healthcare workers in whatever needs they In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

20) Christmas prayer for Nursing Home Residents

Father, Surround these nursing home residents with your love. Remind them they are loved and not forgotten. Let all the precious memories of past Christmases come flooding back in. Remind them of how much you love them and shower them with your grace and mercy as we celebrate this Christmas season together. We ask they feel Your presence throughout the holiday season and feel Your love in their hearts. God bless all the staff members who work so hard to provide excellent care during this busy time of year. Amen.

21) Christmas prayer for veterans

Heavenly Father, send your Holy Spirit to all those who served or still serve our country. Heal their hearts and minds along with any physical problems they might be experiencing. Surround them with family and friends, let them know how much you love them, and how thankful we are for their service.

May they feel Your presence with them this season. Fill them with joy as they celebrate this special time of year. We thank You for all our veterans past, present, and future may and the sacrifices they made to protect others. Bless our veterans with whatever their needs are. Amen.

Prayer for Christmas Parties, Make your own!

After reading through these prayers, try writing your own Christmas prayers. Maybe you wonder what is a good prayer for Christmas?

  • Any heartfelt prayer is a perfect way to start
  • Reflect on the needs of your family, friends, or community.
  • Nervous about entertaining, say calming prayers beforehand  
  • Start simple—God help them, thank you God or God protect them.
  • Journal your prayer requests, which will help focus your prayers

Maybe you pondered why do we pray on Christmas? Prayer during Christmas acknowledges the Father’s gift of Jesus to the world. Prayer connects you with the trinity, God, Jesus and Holy Spirit and prayer can help increase your faith and decrease unbelief. Prayer changes us as we prayer for others and prayer changes the outcome!

How do you say Grace at Christmas?

Dear God, we come before you today praising and thanking you for everything that you have done in our lives. Father, we thank you for the gift of Jesus. We Bless this amazing food everyone at this table! May your bountiful blessings continue to shower us all as we celebrate this Christmas season and into the New Year. Amen

Final Thought

Holidays can be hectic, but let’s remember to pray for our Christmas parties and cover our family, friends, and activities in prayer and remember the gift of Jesus’ salvation! The entire reason for the season.

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