Prayer For Bible Study

We all know how it goes…you’re ready to crack open your Bible and dig into the word, your phone pings, the dog barks, or you spill coffee all over your brand-new gratitude journal. A prayer for bible study will enhance your Bible time and help keep you on track and keep the distractions away.

Prayer for Bible Study, a woman is sitting on a rock sitting on the beach view of ocean

Prayer for Bible study is important since it will:

  • help you focus on God
  • Clear your mind
  • Brings Us Closer to God
  • Strengthen spiritual connection between you and God
  • Push out the distractions
  • Read with Purposeful Intention
  • Can Deepen your understanding of the Word

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

-Jer. 33:3

Below are some prayer points to help you stay focused in your prayer for Bible study.

How do you pray before reading the Bible?

1. Begin by thanking the Lord for His word and prayer for no distractions.

2. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand and renew your mind to God’s word.

3. Pray you will learn more about God’s love and truth for you today.

Now that you prayed before opening your Bible, the next step is to say a few short prayers before you begin your in-depth study.

How do you pray before studying?

1. Ask God to highlight relevant Bible verses that will your personal spiritual growth. .

2. Ask Holy Spirit to help you fill out your journals/questions to help you grow and know God better.

3. Thank the Lord for what He has taught you through Bible Study so far and pray that he shows you more.

What prayer should I pray before studying the Bible?

Your prayer for bible study should focus on what you want to get out of your bible study session. Let God know you give Him permission to speak to you about any subject, topic, or portion of the Bible and anything that will help you grow.

Spend Time With God 89 page digital download, an excellent way to enhance your Bible time.

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All types of Prayer for Bible Study

Below are examples of how to invite God to join you as you open your Bible. After all isn’t that why we study the Bible to get to know God better through His word and for the Holy Spirit to transform us to be more like Jesus?

Prayer for God’s Guidance

Have you wondered how to pray to God for guidance as you read through the Bible? Here is a short prayer,

Lord, in Jesus’ name I pray, God guide my steps today, highlight your word as a lamp to my feet. Instruct me and teach me with Your eye, show me which words will direct my steps in the way that You want me to go. Amen

Sometimes you might ask God to prayer for wisdom and guidance, includes prayers for 31 days.

Opening Prayer for Bible Study

Lord, is Jesus’ name, I pray. Open my heart, spiritual eyes, and ears to hear and understand Your Word through this Bible study. Protect my Bible Study time from the evil one who wants to distract me and interrupt me. I cancel the enemy’s assignment to steal You Words and keep me from producing good things in my life. Lord, deliver me from the worries of this life and help me see that you are for me. Thank you, Lord, for helping me flourish in all areas of my life, each time I open Your Word. Help me understand Your word and this Bible Study so they can produce a harvest in my life. Amen.

Closing Prayer For Bible Study

Lord, In Jesus name help me remember what I learned today in this Bible Study so I can apply it in my life and Your will through my life. Thank You for the study time we had together and making your presence known to me. Amen.

Small Group Bible Study Prayer

Lord, In Jesus’ name, I pray that this group (you can name each person) to learn and grow together in prayer and fellowship with each other as we go through this Bible Study, tonight. God help us through this Bible Study to make deep friendships. And each person here, will receive what they need to equip them to be the person who God designed them to be. Lord, help us to prayer for each other needs and show God’s love to each other as you take us through this Bible Study. Amen.

Closing Prayer for Small Group Bible Study Prayer

Here is an example of what do you say in a closing prayer.

Lord, thank you for this group prayer time together. God protect each person as they go home. Keep them safe. Lord, let their minds meditate on our Bible Study, as they go about their daily activities this week. Help each one of us to find time to study and pray for ourselves and each other. Lord, show us what to remove from our schedules so each one of us can continue to meet each week until we complete this Bible study. Help us continue to prayer for each other and grow in fellowship. Thank You Lord for answering our prayer request. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Prayer For Bible Study Leaders

Lord, we thank you for our bible study leader (s). Give her wisdom and clarity while she prepares each week’s lesson. Help her keep our Bible study on track and make our Bible study a safe place where every person feels welcome and can speak freely. Open up her schedule so she will find extra time to pray and study God’s word. Bless her and her family In Jesus’ name, we prayer. Amen.


Prayer for Bible study will help you set the tone for your special time with God. Whether you are in a personal Bible study or small group, praying before and after your Bible study will help you grow spiritually and develop more meaningful relationships with others.


If you are looking for Bible Study Printables to enhance any study.

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