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Have you heard of someone pray a hedge of protection prayer over their loved ones, possessions, property or against spiritual forces of evil and wondered what it means? Well, I imagine a picture of a hedge, I think of a well-manicured maze, it might prevent squirrels or other wild animals from entering my property but not hold up against spiritual attacks or physical intruders.

On the other hand, the Bible’s hedge of protection is actually an impenetrable force like a hedge of thorns lined with long stakes, razor sharp thorns and heavy spears. Barnes’ commentary likens a hedge to be like pricks that are designed to poke out your enemies eyes or barbed wire.

So actually, the hedge of protection prayer is praying a divine protection around your life. Any person or evil spirits who cross your protective hedge are bound to get hurt!

dark haired woman standing next to a hedge saying a hedge of protection prayer

Hedge of Protection

Now this is interesting, the devil is the one who describes and defines what is a hedge of protection in the book of Job 1:10,

“Have you not put a hedge around him and his house and all that he has, on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land.”

 So according to devil, the Lord placed a divine hedge of protection around the servant Job and everything he had, including the fruit of his hands. It’s obvious God’s hedge of protection kept the devil out! Even though the devil took almost everything Job had and his children, yet Job went on to live a long life and God gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Wall of Protection

Noah and his family found a place of safety within the sturdy walls of the ark, Moses saw God’s wall of protection manifest as towering walls of water on either side, and Daniel experienced divine protection as the hushed roars of silenced lions, we too can find solace in the many forms of God’s unyielding wall of protection.

Sometimes God will use anything to like stone walls to keep you safe and under the shelter of the Most High. Can you think of some unusual shield of the protection the Lord made to keep you safe?

Hedge of Protection Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, in the precious name of Jesus,

I come before you with a heart full of gratitude.

Thank you, O Lord, for your steadfast love and your impenetrable hedge of protection that surrounds me, my family, and everything we hold dear.

It is as if you’ve built a fortress around us, a sanctuary where no intruders, no demon spirits, no forces of evil can penetrate. I stand here, Lord, in utter dependence on You.

You are my rock, my shield, my defender. Every breath I take, every step I make, it’s all under Your watchful eyes.

And for that, I am eternally grateful. Help me, dear Lord, to love and honor You in all that I do. Amen

Women in river with umbrella hand of God over her holding water so the women doesn't get wet

Protection In The Storms of Life

Dear God, In sunshine or rain, in joy or pain, let my heart always be filled with love for You.

Help me to trust You with unwavering faith, knowing that even when the storms rage, You are there holding me close and you surround me with Your shield of protection.

And no matter what happens, no matter what trials and tribulations or attacks of the enemy I face, let my heart be steadfast in its love for You.

Let my faith be unshakeable, my trust unbreakable. For even when the world around me crumbles, I know You will never let me fall. So, I pray, dear Lord, keep us safe under the shadow of Your wings. Keep us secure within Your loving embrace.

And help us to always remember that with You by our side, we are not just protected – we are invincible! In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Hedge Of Protection Prayer Psalm 91

Many people ask what is the ultimate prayer of protection many agree that psalm 91 is considered the go to verse for protection. A Psalm 91 printable is included, but be warned there are some conditions in using psalm 91 as a hedge of protection prayer over you life.

Condition 1

“The one who lives under the protection of the Most High dwells in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

It’s important to believe in God’s faithful promises, He is goes before you and will never leave you(deut 31:8) and that you are under God’s protection. The more we invest in our connection with God, the more acquainted we become with His voice and know the word of God, the better we cab follow His guidance.

Let me share a personal incident: I once encountered a frightening situation on the highway when a truck’s trailer suddenly came unhitched and veered out of control right in front of me. Miraculously, moments before, I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit prompting me to switch lanes. By divine intervention, both I and my vehicle remained unscathed. I’m certain that many of us have similar remarkable tales to recount.

Condition 2

I WILL SAY of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress : Psalm 91:2

Say out loud and declare that God is your refuge, your fortress! When you declare scripture out loud the more your faith will grow, and you will believe it in your heart.

Condition 3

My God in whom I will trust. Psalm 91:2

Sometimes it hard to trust God, but God is telling us we need to trust Him. Trust that God loves you and will rescue from trouble. (Psalm 91:15)

Short Hedge of protection prayer based on Psalm 91

Thank you, Jesus, for your blood that protects me like a hedge, keeping the evil away from me and from my dwelling. Thank You, God, for commanding Your Holy angels to guard me in all my ways. Help me God for always putting You first. God I want to trust you, help me trust you. Remind me to speak out loud that you are my refuge and fortress. Amen.

A women reading a bible resting in God's hands above a fire

Powerful Prayer of Protection Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

In the most holy name of Jesus Christ, I come before you today with a heart brimming with gratitude and a spirit soaked in humility. Your love is like a warm, welcoming embrace that wraps around me, reminding me that I am never alone.

Thank you for equipping me with the full armor of God – the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit. Like a soldier ready for battle, I stand firm in my faith, ready to face whatever comes my way.

Lord, I thank you for the promise of eternal life, a promise that brings hope and joy even in the darkest hours. It’s like a lighthouse guiding me through the stormy seas, a beacon shining bright amidst the darkness.

As a member of the house of Israel, I hold dear the heritage of faith passed down through generations. It’s a legacy of trust, obedience, and unwavering faith in You. It’s a testament to Your enduring love and grace.

I pray, Lord, for a vibrant prayer life. Let my prayers be more than just words; let them be a reflection of my dependence on You. Like a fragrant offering, let my prayers rise up to You, carrying with them my hopes, dreams, fears, and anxieties.

Thank you, Lord, for the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ, shed on the cross for our sins. It’s a testament to Your unfathomable love, a love so deep it’s beyond human comprehension.

I pray for a hedge of thorn bushes around me, my family, and my loved ones, protecting us from all harm. Let it be a barrier against familiar spirits seeking to disrupt our peace and harmony.

So, dear Lord, I come before you today, humbly asking for your protection, guidance, and love. I trust in Your promises, I rest in Your love, and I rejoice in Your grace.

In the most holy name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

Free Psalm 91 Printable

Discover what is the message of Psalm 91- security, protection and the love of God (free download/click her.)

Psalm 91 Printable 1

Hedge of Protection Prayer For My Marriage

Lord, in Jesus’ name, help my spouse and I love and honor each other and to place Christ in the center of our marriage.

Keep out unwanted intruders, temptation and anything that might harm us. Shield our marriage from the attack of the enemy and empower us with your heavenly hedge of protection.

Thank You, Lord, no evil or plague will come near us or our home. Amen.

Hedge of protection prayer for my husband

Lord, in Jesus’ name, protect my husband from all dangers at work. Protect him as he goes back and forth from work.

Lord be with husband 24/7, protecting him, blessing him the work and fruit of his his hands. Show him how to be prosperous, but not to be a workaholic. Let him put God first and then our family. Help him know Christ so he can be the head of our family.

Heal any wounds he is carrying in his heart so he can be whole and be the person you made him to be. Don’t let the devil steal our family’s destiny. Amen!

Hedge of Protection Prayer Over Your Child

Lord, put a huge hedge of protection over my child, so the enemy will not harm my child or steal his/her destiny.

I pray you will surround my child with angels each time they step out of our home. Lord, help my child find true friends, filled with wisdom. Let their friends be a good influence and will help my child grown.

Place Godly teachers, counselors, other parents and bosses on their path. Lord, help me pray for my child all the time.

Thank You, Lord, for protecting him or her from any and every danger. Keep them focused on you and your word Lord we ask this in Jesus’ name Amen!

Try writing your own personal hedge of protection prayer below! Included are few scriptures for reference but there are plenty more throughout the Bible

Bible Verses For Hedge Of Protection Prayer

1) Call On The Name Of Jesus. John 14:13

2) Confess Your Sin.  John 1:1-2, Act 3:19

3) Forgive Others Who Have Offended You. Matt. 6:14-15, Eph. 4:31-32

4) Ask God To Bless & Protect Your Life. Psalms 5:11, 50:15, 36:7, 121

5) Ask God To Be With You. Josh. 1:9, Gen 28:15-17

6) Praise And Honor The Lord In All That You Do.  Psalm 34:1-3 Psalm 29:2


In conclusion, as we pray the hedge of protection prayer scripture, it is important to understand what a hedge of protection is. A hedge of protection does not mean that you will be shielded from all sorrow and pain in this life, but Satan cannot snatch away God’s gifts in your life; neither can he take away your salvation. The Lord loves you and he will always protect you, in ways we can’t always see.

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