Powerful Prayer For Patience When You Want to Scream

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Praying daily for patience nurtures a patient heart and finds solace in life’s little things. Everyday prayers cultivate the fruit of the spirit, including patience. 

We recognize that patience is a virtue that plays a pivotal role in our personal and professional lives. When we embrace patience in our daily prayers, we open ourselves up to a deeper understanding of various situations. By practicing patience, we can transform the challenges we encounter into opportunities for growth, learning and even put the happiness of others beyond our own needs.

As we develop patience in our everyday prayers, we also nurture wisdom. This wisdom helps us see beyond knee-jerk reactions and emotions, enabling us to respond thoughtfully to the difficulties that life presents. We understand the value of asking for God’s help and receiving God’s timing and not letting the thoughtlessness of others rule our behaviors. We’ll shift our energy towards things we can change and accept things we can’t.

Practicing patience in our daily prayers requires a shift in perspective. Instead of dwelling on the negative, we strive to find the positive aspects of our current situations. We remember that setbacks and challenges can serve as stepping stones to personal growth and knowledge. With effort, we can develop patience.

Here are some tips to assist us in our journey to understanding patience within the context of our daily prayers:

1. Recognize the value of patience in our lives and commit to cultivating it in our daily prayers.

2. Slow down and take deep breaths when impatience arises, allowing our emotions to calm down.

3. Reflect on experiences where patience has led to successful outcomes in our daily prayers.

4. Focus on the present moment during our daily prayers, rather than worrying about the future or dwelling on past mistakes.

5. Seek guidance from others who show patience and learn from their experiences.

6. Trust in God’s perfect timing. Maybe the delay is saving you from a potential accident.

Remember, our transformation into more patient individuals is an ongoing journey. It will take time and consistent effort, but with a positive attitude, steadfast commitment, and daily prayers, we can strengthen our ability to be patient in all aspects of life. Through patience and understanding, we become better equipped to handle life’s challenges, gain wisdom, and embrace new perspectives.

 May our daily prayers help us on this journey to becoming more patient and understanding individuals.

1)Prayer For Patience

Dear God, In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask for patience.

Please give me the strength to set aside my feelings of anger and frustration when things don’t go my way. Enable me to deal calmly with whatever comes up and not focus on the frustration. Show me how I can reflect Your Love and wisdom and give my loved ones what they need from me. Holy Spirit, help me develop the fruit of patience in all areas of my life, especially dealing with…my hurting daughter. (Feel free to Insert your problem.)

Sometimes it was more of a plea.

O God help me! I need your patience for…. Give me wisdom on what to say or do.

Numerous times I used one of these prayers for patience and I’ve held my peace!

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What does the Bible Say About Patience?

“Don’t run from tests and hardships, brothers and sisters. As difficult as they are, you will ultimately find joy in them; if you embrace them, your faith will blossom under pressure and teach you true patience as you endure. And true patience brought on by endurance will equip you to complete the long journey and cross the finish line—mature, complete, and wanting nothing.” James 1:2-4 The Voice.  

Wait! God wants us to count trials and tribulations as joy because within these struggles we will learn patience.

In deeper reflection, I’ve grown in the hard places in my life. Besides, The Bible says something amazing about patience.

“Whoever has labored diligently and patiently to do what is right—seeking glory, honor, and immortality—God will grant him endless joy in life eternal.” Romans 12:12 The VOICE

Patience equals eternal joy. Obviously, patience is important to God. I need to trust God in the trials. He sees my pain and in the right time will turnmy suffering around. I need to pursue patience with God, myself, family, and the people I encountered.

Free Prayer For Patience Package, Prayer Calendar with Prayer Journaling Worksheet.  

Free Prayer for Patience Printable Calendar and Journaling Page

The rest of this post will include prayers for patience, covering many situations.  

2)Prayer for patience while waiting on God

Dearest Jesus, help me not be weary of waiting for Your promises to manifest. Remind me to be prayerful, faithful, and hopeful in obtaining the promises. Let patience have its perfect work in me so that I might not grow weary but know the joy of Your presence. Amen

3)Pray prayer for patience in the workplace.

Lord, help me not be discouraged when I’m feeling overwhelmed by work. Let your peace guard my lips, help me be quick to hear, speak with kindness and slow to anger. When I have a complaint against my co-worker help me move past the anger and help me forgive them. Thank you, Lord, that you will reward the work of my hands. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

4)Prayer for Patience and Strength

O God please help have patience and strength in the middle of my current problems. Your word says we need to rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope. God grab my hand and led me as I go through this painful process that seems like it will never end. I can’t do it alone. I need you.

5)Prayer for patience and perseverance

Dear Lord Jesus help me have patience and perseverance for my vision. If things seem slow, let me wait for it, surely my hopes and dreams will not be delay. Help me push through, and not grow worthy of doing good for in due season I will reap. If I don’t give up. Help me Lord not to give up on myself or You. 

6)Prayer for prayer for patience and calmness

Lord in Jesus name, let my heart not be troubled or afraid in difficult times.  Help me to carry your perfect peace into my day and my thoughts.

Keep my mind from all anxiety so that it might remain focused on You. Remind me that You will never leave me or forsake.

A mother with a superman outfit on holding a baby showing you need superpower for a prayer for patience

7)Prayer for Prayer for Patience with a Child

Heavenly Father, please help me to prayer for patience with my child. Help me have the strength and courage to allow them space without feeling anxious or frustrated.

Lord, I need Your abundant grace in order to be continually patient when they are not cooperative, kind, and loving. Show me how to teach my child with patience. Constantly remind me love is patient, kind and slow to anger. Thank You Lord for my child.

8)Prayer for Patience For A Friend

Father God,  help me not give up on my friend when they have said something insensitive, or l feel left out.

Help me, Lord, replace my anger with humility, gentleness, and love. Remind me to make allowance for each other’s faults. Lord, help me get over this recent offense, help me soften my heart. I pray for unity in this relationship.

9)Prayer for Patience And Understanding

Please give me the strength to set aside my feelings of anger and frustration when things don’t go my way.

Help me see how quickly time passes so that I can enjoy each moment with all its possibilities instead of feeling frustrated because it’s not going fast enough. Enable me to deal calmly with whatever comes up and not focus on the frustration, but how I can reflect God’s kingdom and help my loved ones. 

Holy Spirit, help me develop the fruit of patience in every area of my life, especially dealing with the little annoyances that get me frustrated. Help me overcome my feelings of anger or impatience so that I can look at things with peace, joy, love, and hope.

Help me understand that these current problems on earth are nothing compared to eternal life with You. Amen.

Short Prayer for Patience

10)Holy Spirit, fill me with patience spirit . Let me see the person before me with God’s heart, overflowing with love for all. Amen.

Super Simple Prayers for Patience

You can say any of these simple prayers in the heat of the moment instead of speaking. 

11.God, grant me patience. Amen.

12. Patience, Lord. Help me. Amen.

13. Grant me calmness, God. Amen.

14. O Lord, patience. Strengthen me. Amen.

15. Patience, please. Thank you, Lord.

16.Lord, grant me patience. Amen.

17. Patience, Lord. Strengthen my heart.

18. God, patience. Help me endure. Amen.

19. Lord, teach me patience. Amen.

20. God’s heart, patience, love. Amen

Additional Prayers

  1. Prayer for Patience with Family: Lord, grant me patience in my family interactions. Help me respond with love and understanding when patience is tested. Amen.
  2. Prayer for Patience in Traffic: God, grant me patience in traffic. Keep me calm and safe on the road. Amen.
  3. Prayer for Patience with Co-workers: Heavenly Father, help me exercise patience with my co-workers. Guide me to work harmoniously and show kindness even when challenges arise. Amen.
  4. Prayer for Patience with Adult Children: Lord, grant me patience in parenting. Strengthen me to trust God with my adult children and give them my unwavering patience even when I don’t agree with their choices. Amen.
  5. Prayer for Patience in Waiting: Dear God, help me remain patient during times of waiting. Grant me the endurance to trust Your timing and purpose. Amen.
  6. Prayer for Patience in Relationships: Lord, bless me with patience in my relationships. May I listen, empathize, and forgive with a patient heart. Amen.
  7. Prayer for Patience in Healing: God, grant me patience as I heal. Help me trust in Your plan and endure the process with grace. Amen.
  8. Prayer for Patience in Finances: Gracious Lord, grant me patience in financial challenges. Help me manage wisely and remain hopeful for a brighter future. Amen.
  9. Prayer for Patience in Studies: “Lord, bless me with patience in my studies. May I persevere through challenges and grow in knowledge. Amen.
  10. Prayer for Patience in Overcoming Addictions: “Merciful Redeemer, grant me the patience to overcome my addictions. Strengthen my resolve and guide me toward recovery. Amen.

Why do they say, never pray for patience?

The following quote from the Evan Almighty movie is often said when someone is struggling with patience:

“”If someone prays for patience, do you think God gives them patience, or does He give them opportunity to be patient? If they prayed for courage, does God give them courage, or does He give them the opportunity to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does He give them opportunities to love each other?””

– Morgan Freeman as God, Evan Almighty (Movie)

Ugh. as I wrote about patience, I found myself losing it with my family members on multiple occasions. Maybe divine intervention or the forces of adversity were at play, but through prayers for patience, I persevered. Next time, I’ll stay vigilant and seek this virtue through fervent prayers. Here are ideas to curb impatience and improve your life.

Below are some suggestions on how to develop ideas to stop impatience from running and ruining your life.

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17 Ways to Develop the Virtue of Patience

  1. Pray for patience. Ask God wisdom for the strength in how to treat others with kindness and understanding when you don’t feel like it.
  2.  While in a long wait Read God’s word on your phone and recite bible verses about patience.
  3. Don’t take things personally sometimes people are just rude.
  4. Breathe in. Envision God’s breath of life going in your body, calming, and bringing peace throughout your body.  
  5. Remind yourself that everyone has hard days. What is making you impatient won’t matter tomorrow.  
  6. Give yourself time to think before saying yes to brand-new situations.
  7. Take care of your body by eating well, getting enough sleep.
  8. Treat others’ feelings as important.
  9. Ask for help sometimes I know I lose my patience when I’m overwhelmed.
  10. Making optimal use of your time
  11. See the good things in yourself and others and not focus on negative qualities. 
  12. Reflect on past situations where you lost your patience and see how you can avoid repeating pattern.
  13. Focus on humility. Lack of patience can be a symptom of pride.
  14. Leave the room, even run in the bathroom to regroup.
  15. Become more self-aware; know your triggers so you can avoid them if possible or work through them quickly when they occur.
  16. Remember how you felt when some was impatient with you.
  17. Use “I” statements rather than making accusations towards someone else.

Final Thought on Patience

I’ve discovered when I more patient with each of my family member’s life will flows much smoother in my home. Instead of responding with anger, when I turn to God and ask for a prayer for patience. Here’s the thing: praying will cause you to pause instead reacting in a negative way. Remember, we are placed on this earth to help each other. That means when you see someone having a hard time, pray for them and ask God to give them patience, too!

Bible Verses On Patience

“May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy.” Col. 1:11 ESV

“With tender humility and quiet patience, always demonstrate gentleness and generous love toward one another, especially toward those who may try your patience.” Eph. 4:2 TPT

“Finishing is better than starting! Patience is better than pride!  Don’t be quick-tempered—that is being a fool.” Ecc. 7:8-9

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