Open Your Spiritual Eyes: Connect with God

The spiritual realm is all around us, yet sometimes we are blind. It seemed a little strange when others talk about seeing with their spiritual eyes. Until it happened to me.

Previously, I had walked in spiritual blindness, oblivious to the realm of the spirit. I even doubted God even existed. You must wonder what happened? Well, around the time accepted Jesus, while I was looking out my kitchen window a vision begin forming like a movie. First I saw staircase leading up in the clouds the stairs led to three men dressed in white lined robes sat at tables writing in an large ancient book. I believe I witnessed angels writing my name down in the Book of Life.

The vision jolted me; I rubbed my eyes, thinking I was crazy! After the vision disappeared, I found the Bible verse Where Jesus explains we will receive spiritual power. John 14:12 “I assure you: The one who believes in Me will also do the works that I do.

Later it hit me, Jesus stated in John 5:19-20, He only did what He saw the Father doing. One way we connect to Our Father to see what is through our spiritual eyes and ears. Since Jesus lives in us, we have access to the Father 24/7.

Since that day I did a lot of studying about spiritual eyes versus spiritual blindness and I’m sharing what I found to help others. First let’s define spiritual blindness.

Women spiritual eyes looking up to connect to God

What is spiritual blindness?

Not believing in God, Jesus, or the gospel is the first level of spiritual blindness. I was like that for years. My spiritual eyes were closed to the spiritual world. I’d flee the room whenever my brother would talk about Jesus.  

“In their case, the god of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel.” 2 Cor.4:4

The second form of spiritual blindness is when believers don’t feel worthy to pursue or receive spiritual gifts. Many people don’t accept the love and grace of Our Father. I confess it took me awhile to receive the Father’s love, and when I did everything changed.

The third type of spiritual blindness is unbelieving believers. A voice spoke from heaven spoke to Jesus in John 12:29. Some people heard thunder, while others heard the Father’s voice. The ones who heard thunder discounted the supernatural. Still today, some people fear interacting with the supernatural or don’t believe. I know the vision I saw made me nervous but since that day I’ve learned the Bible is filled with miracles.   

Satan doesn’t want our spiritual eyes open. The devil wants to keep us blind and deaf, spiritually asleep at the wheel of life.

What Is The Spiritual Eye?

The spiritual eye seeing images in your “mind’s eye” directly from God. God might show you something for the past, present, or future.

These mental image mean nothing until you gain spiritual understanding. When God shows us images, the next step is to ask God to interpret the meaning of these images. God is communicating a message to you through these impressions for a reason. Just like when the disciples sought Jesus, meanings of the parables, we need to seek God’s meaning for the spiritual images He shows us.  

Jesus told his disciples, “But blissful are your eyes, for they see. Delighted are your ears, for they are open to hear all these things.” Jesus goes unto say, “they (the prophets and Godly people) would have given everything to hear the revelation you’ve been favored to hear.

Here’s the thing, when your Jesus’ disciple, your spiritual eyes will open, too!

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Purpose of Spiritual Eyes

Ephesians 1:18 refers to this curious phrase “the eyes of your heart be enlightened” which is spiritual understanding at a heart level. Paul describes the heart seeing with eyes that have been divinely illuminated by God. One purpose why God gives us spiritual eyes so we can follow God’s will for our life and encourage others.

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antione De Saint-Exupery

As we pray for others, God might download images straight from His heart to ours. Pay attention to these mind’s eye images. God might show you how to pray more in depth, for yourself or your loved ones.

Another benefit, when we use our spiritual eyes, we become more aware of God’s presence. When God is showing you things ask for confirmation. When God confirms the images, you’ll be be amazed and feel even more connected to the Him.

For instance I was praying for someone and I saw a large door, with the words written new opportunity. Sure enough, the person I was praying for received a job offer. When you start looking, you will see things with your spiritual eyes too!

Types of Spiritual Eyes

The spiritual eyes are more than just seeing things but actually hearing, sensing, smelling or feeling spiritual being presence. Spiritual eyes are spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit.

There are three types of spiritual eyes: external spiritual sight, internal spiritual sights, and auditory spiritual sight. Many people would like examples of what is a spiritual vision in the Bible, so after each type of sight I will give a Biblical example.

External spiritual sight means that an individual can physically see another spirit being or a vision. A spirit being can be an angel or even Jesus. Seeing an external vision unfold is like watching a movie.

In Acts 10:3, while Cornelius was praying and fasting, an angel appeared this is an example of external spiritual sight.

While Peter was fasting he had an open vision, which indicated that the Jesus and the Gospel was for the gentiles too. Immediately, after that vision, Peter was supernaturally led to Caesarea where Cornelius and his entire household received the Holy Spirit and was baptized.

 — Internal spiritual sight means that an individual can see spiritual beings or images in their “mind’s eye”.

In Amos 8:1, The Lord shows the prophet a basket of fruit. Apparently within Amos thoughts, he has a conversation with God. The Lord asks Amos what he sees and then the Lord gives Amos the interpretation of the fruit. Many times God will speak to you in the silence between your thoughts.

 — Auditory spiritual hearing is where we spiritually hear things from God through our intuition, thoughts, or dreams.

This is depicted when God calls Samuel’s name. God might be calling your name, too. Sometimes we need to be quiet to hear God’s voice.

It seems complicated but it’s really not. Like previously stated always ask God to interpret. When God starts showing you image/visions/dreams try to find a Bible verse to tag on what your seeing. For instance in the open vision I saw, later I found in Daniel 12:7 a verse about men in white linen.

Like I said before, whenever you receive spiritual sight from God always try to get confirmation.

But I’m not a prophet

I know what you’re thinking. This sound a lot like prophecy, but spiritual vision differs a little from prophecy. Spiritual eyes are receiving God’s insight into what’s going on around you mostly for your personal use.

Whereas prophecy is sharing with others what you seen. But we truly all are called to prophecy. According to Acts 2:17 in the last days God will pour out His Spirit on us to prophecy. It certainly seems like we are living in the last days! So if God tell you to share what your are seeing step out!

Once your spiritual eyes open, you’ll start seeing things from a spiritual perspective. I admit my limited views are often skewed. That’s the reasons I need to ask God for His 360 insight.

Now what?

I’m glad you ask, below are practical ways to practice this gift.

How to open My Spiritual Eyes?

  • As you read through a Bible verse, pause, close your eyes and meditate. You might see images appear in your mind.  
  • Worship and close your eyes and see if any pictures enter in your head.
  • Fasting will sometimes heighten spiritual vision.
  • Do not fear when God shows you an image.
  • Ask God for the interpretation.
  • Keep a journal to record the images and your interpretation
  • Seek a believer using their spiritual eyes and ask for guidance.
  • Be careful who you share with, don’t others make you doubt yourself.
  • Use a biblical dream symbol book to interpret the images God shows you.
  • Ask God to open your spiritual eyes and pray to receive the interpretation.
  • Relax and image yourself speaking to Jesus. What would you ask? How do you think Jesus would respond. Record the conversation in your journal.
  • Pray for others, God just might drop an image into your thoughts. Again, journal what you see and find relevant Bible verses.

From experience, I’ve found prayer is one of the major links into seeing with your spiritual eyes. Mark Batterson, states, “Prayer is the difference between seeing with our physical eyes and seeing with our spiritual eyes.”

How Do I Ask God To Open My Spiritual Eyes?

Just ask and pray and keep praying until you see with your spiritual eyes.

Spiritual growth is a process. It takes time, patience, and reflection. Sometimes God will open your spiritual eyes instantly, like Saul on the road to Damascus or gradually. Jesus prayed for the blind man twice for him to see. Be patient it will come.

Prayer For Spiritual Eyes To Be Open

Lord, in Jesus’ name, I ask my spiritual eyes and ears to open to hear Your Word and receive your visions.

Father, thank you for opening my spiritual vision and for giving me Your Spirit of understanding and wisdom to interpret. I only want to see what you are doing. I pray this gift of spiritual eyes will help me know what is my calling.

Thank You for pouring Your spirit on me so I can see images in my mind’s eye, visions, dreams, and even heavenly angels. Please give me confirmations for everything you will show. Protect me from the enemy while I’m learning this gift.

Keep praying for this gift be diligent


God loves you and desires you to have this gift. You are worthy!! God is always there to in this journey to see with your spiritual eyes. He wants spiritual vision to be a part of your life so He can guide every day.

Nobody was more surprised as me when I received spiritual eyes. You never know what God will show you when you look and except to see.

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