25 Ways To Hear God’s Voice

We live in a world with a constant stream of chatter, we need to learn how to hear God’s voice. For those on a spiritual journey, understanding the nuances and methods of God’s communication can be transformative. How do we discern the still small voice of God amongst the many other voices vying for our attention?

While some may have their doubts, the reality is that God has been speaking to His people since the beginning of time, offering guidance, solace, and direction. From scriptures, we know: “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” So, let’s delve into the myriad ways one can hear God’s voice, recognizing His presence and building an intimate relationship with Him.

Setting Aside Time for God: One effective method to truly hear God’s voice is to set aside time for Him. This is often referred to as “quiet time”. In these moments, it is essential to find a quiet place free from distractions. Regular times dedicated solely to spending time with God can significantly enhance our two-way communication with Him.

Not only does this practice facilitate hearing God’s message, but it also strengthens our intimate relationship with Him. During these moments, the Spirit of Truth, or the Spirit of God, can profoundly touch our souls. This regular dedication to God’s presence can guide us towards understanding God’s plans and His will for us.

Understanding the Internal Promptings: Often, God’s communication isn’t a loud voice giving clear directions for big decisions. More commonly, it’s the internal promptings – a gentle nudge, a conviction, or an internal tug at our heart. It is God’s way of guiding us, signaling what may be sinful behaviors, or confirming that we are on the right path. Learning to recognize and respond to these subtle cues can be a game-changer in our spiritual journey.

1. How to Hear God’s Voice In the Silence

One big question is, can you actually hear God’s voice? And I say YES.

In order, to listen to God. I need to limit my thoughts and think what I’m thinking about, not just let my brain run amok.

By keeping my mind still, I’ve learned to discern God’s voice from my own thoughts. For instance, while having a conversation with my husband, I began hearing a still small voice. That voice would softly whisper, “Don’t say that, it will lead to a fight.”

Sure enough, every time I bypassed that voice and said what I wanted it would lead to a fight. But every time I obeyed that voice, peace followed. That still small voice was training me to listen and obey.

1. How to Hear God’s Voice In the Silence

One big question is, can you actually hear God’s voice? And I say YES. God is a loving father and wants to speak to His children me and you!

God speaks to us in between the silence of our thoughts. So learn to silence your random thoughts. As the Bible states Be still and know I am God. 

In order, to listen to God’s gentle whisper. I need to limit my thoughts and think what I’m thinking about, not just let my brain run amok.

By keeping my mind still, I’ve learned to discern God’s voice from my own thoughts. For instance, while having a conversation with my husband, I began hearing a still small voice. That voice would softly whisper, “Don’t say that, it will lead to a fight.”

Sure enough, every time I bypassed that voice and said what I wanted it would lead to a fight. But every time I obeyed that voice, I experienced the peace of God . That still small voice was training me to listen and obey.

2. How to Hear God’s Voice Reading the Bible

God speaks to me through His word whenever I opened the Bible. It seemed whatever circumstances I was going through, a verse or Bible story for that day spoke directly to me. God always confirms His word. Or take part in a Bible study or try scripture writing. 

3. How to Hear God’s Voice in Scripture

When I’m not reading the Bible, God still speaks verses to me, sometimes God’s answer to a problem I have will come to me in a bible verse. A scripture will randomly pop in my brain throughout my day. Most times these Bible verses helped me get through my day.

4. How to Hear God’s in Sermons

It seems like God was speaking directly to me through sermons, in church or on YouTube. I can’t tell you the number of times a sermon would show up on my YouTube feed and it was exactly what I needed to hear.

5. How To Hear The Voice of the Lord In Worship

I find when I lose myself in worship. I would receive answers to problems or creative ideas leap into to my mind.

6. How to Hear God’s Voice in Nature

God spoke to Moses through a burning bush. God still speaks through nature to us today, from earthquakes to sunsets. So keep your eyes open and pray for a listening heart to recognize when and how God is speaking to you.

7.  How to Hear God’s Voice While Walking

God walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the garden. After Jesus rose from the grave, he walked and explained scriptures to his disciples. God still wants to walk and speak with us today as well.

8. How to Hear God’s Voice In Numbers

How to hear God’s voice through numbers can be tricky because you don’t want to become number obsessed. Remember. But take notice if you keep seeing the same numbers repeatedly, God might be trying to get your attention. Biblically, specific numbers may mean certain things.

9. How to Hear God’s Voice in Journaling

Journaling to hear God’s voice is one of the best ways to interact with our Father and bolster your personal relationship with Him. I ask God questions and write anything you hear. 

To help this process along, I use two different inks blue for my own words and red representing the Father’s love. But then discern what you hear with the Bible and God’s voice is always gentle and nurturing, and a word of wisdom. God’s voice is never condemning.  

Mark Virkler is an expert on how to journal with God.

10. How to Hear God’s Voice in Wildlife

I’ve seen the Lord speak to me through the behavior of animals. After all, the Lord used a donkey to speak to the prophet Balaam and I believe God is still using animals to get our attention. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Many times I’ve been encouraged by the movement of blue jay, sparrows, or bird feathers. In fact, one time I was in deep in thought about a decision, suddenly a squirrel fell out of the tree! Other times before my walk, I may ask the Lord show me something wonderful on my walk and I keep my eyes open with childlike faith to see how God will answer my request.

11. How To Hear God’s Voice In Prayer

Sometimes when I’m praying, that’s when I can hear God’s voice the loudest. Many times God will show me a picture of something as I pray. Or I will get a certain knowledge about a situation that can only be from God.

For instance, relatives wanted to take my daughter alone out to a restaurant. She was reluctant to go. As I prayed about this awkward situation. Instantly, a solution popped into my head, that I knew that I know wasn’t from me. The answer was simple: have your daughter make lasagna and she can entertain these relatives in your home. God listens to your problems and will provide you with answers.

12. How To Hear God’s Voice In The Mornings

For me, I can hear God the best in the mornings when I haven’t started my day before the daily grind of life begins. I call this pillow talk with Jesus.

Other times, I might wake up with a song on my lips or a scripture in my heart.

“Where is God my Maker, who gives us songs in the night.” Job 35:10 ESV

13. How To Hear God’s Voice In License Plates

Maybe it sounds a little out there, but I’ve heard God’s voice through license plates. I can’t tell you all the times I’ve been inspired by reading a license plate, and I’m not alone.

“I remember sitting parked by the roadside once, terribly depressed and afraid about my daughter’s illness and what was going on in our family, when out of nowhere a car came along down the highway with a license plate that bore on it the one word out of all the words in the dictionary that I needed most to see exactly then. The word was TRUST. What do you call a moment like that? Something to laugh off as the kind of joke life plays on us every once in a while? The word of God? I am willing to believe that maybe it was something of both, but for me it was an epiphany.”
– Frederick Buechner

I also find while driving a bill board or a sign on a truck might encourage me as well.

14. How To Hear God’s Voice While Fasting

Sometimes fasting can help me hear God’s voice clearly. By tuning out other things it helps me tune into God’s voice. Every time I say no to something, it’s like I’m saying yes to God.

15. How To Hear God’s Voice In Media/Books

Almost every time I watch a movie, tv shows or flip through a novel, I’m looking for Jesus. After seeing a movie, I’d tell my kids what God spoke to me either through the character or plot. They’d roll their eyes and say everything isn’t about Jesus, but when you constantly seek God in all things, you will find Him!

16. How To Hear God’s Voice In Creativity

When I’m writing, it’s like I’m co-creating with the Lord and through that process I can hear God’s voice. Many times when I have reread what I wrote, I am simply amazed. Or for others it might be painting, making music or scrapbooking.

Adam named the animals, but God brought the animals to him and sometimes I feel God is bringing me ideas as well.

17. How To Hear God’s Voice In Dreams

God will speak to you through dreams. In the Bible there are plenty of instances of God revealing the nest steps. Sometimes I will ask God a question before I go to sleep most times, I receive an answer. But you need to be careful. Don’t make any major decisions based on a dream always look for confirmation. There are plenty of excellent free resources available and free biblical dream meanings.

18. How to Hear God’s Voice While Speaking in Tongues

This is sometimes referred to as the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many say they can hear God’s voice while speaking in tongues. There are many opinions about speaking in tongues

19. How To Hear God’s Voice In The Prophetic

Sometimes I need to hear God’s voice I will ask a prophetic word from a prophet I trust. Most times I receive a prophecy word it confirms what God is already speaking to me. Which is so encouraging! Father’s Heart Ministry provides free prophetic words on request.

20. How To Hear God’s Voice While Stepping Out

I found God will give you one step at a time. Every time I take a chance, I need to listen to God’s voice. For instance, monthly I give a prophetic word and God’s voice has faithfully guided me through each month. So watch for God’s guidance when you are taking a risk.

21. How To Hear God’s Voice In The Shower

Sometimes I take super long showers, since it seems God’s voice is coming through loud and clear. I don’t know why, maybe there are no distractions.

“One day I noticed that much of my inspiration and answers were coming while I was in the shower. I would sing and talk to God as if He was in there with me, and before I got out—I’d have a nugget or two to chew on throughout my day. Many of which were applicable to a current situation.”

-Tammie Ratliff     Excerpt from Shower Talks

22. How To Hear God’s Voice in Coincidences

I call these God-incidences that are like little love notes from God. One example was my niece, died from cystic fibrosis at seventeen. In memory of her, I released eighteen balloons on her birthday. In the sky the balloons formed a K, which was her initial. So keep your eyes and ear open to see and hear God’s voice of comfort or encouragement. Some people don’t think signs are biblically, but God uses signs throughout the Bible.

23. How To Hear God’s Voice In Seeing Double

When see the same sign twice, God might be trying to tell you something. For instance, two dreams that repeat or the same number.

“Anything that causes you to do a double take, pray to interpret.”

Prophet Kitty Walden

24. How To Hear God’s Voice Speak Through Others

God speaks through others, it’s even Biblical. Jesus asks his followers who they believe He truly was. Peter responds by stating, that Jesus is Christ, the Son of the living God. I find Jesus’ reply extremely interesting.

“You are blessed, Simon son of John, because my Father in heaven has revealed this to you. You did not learn this from any human being.”

The above passage certainly implies that God speaks through other people even revealing special information.

But there is a flip side to this, the devil speaks through others too. Which is exactly what happened next to Peter.

Jesus told his disciples that he was going to be killed and rise up on the third day.

After hearing that, “Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him, saying, “Far be it from You, Lord; this shall not happen to You!”

Instantly, Jesus discerns that devil is speaking through Peter’s since Jesus states,

“Get thee behind Me, Satan.”

We have to be like Jesus and learn how to discern God’s voice verses Satan’s voice especially when another person is speaking to us. Thankfully since Jesus died on the cross, we now have access to Jesus 24/7 all you have to do is ask.

Also, powerful clues are revealed in the previous bible verses, on how to determine if God or the enemy is speaking through a person. When the enemy speaks through a person, the enemy just might get you alone and rebuke you! That’s how the devil operated through Peter.

Or when God speaks through another person, He might just do it in front of other, since God has nothing to hide.

25. Hearing God’s Audible Voice

Variations of the “Lord, God, Jesus said” occurs over five hundred times in the Bible. God spoke twice in the New Testament to Jesus.

“Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left.”

There are numerous benefits of hearing God’s voice, He will help guide you like shown in the scripture above. Each time you hear God’s voice you will get to know him better and you’re building a relationship with him. Sometimes God’s voice might help those around you.

Conclusion: Hearing God’s voice isn’t just about personal revelations; it’s about forming an unbreakable bond with our Good Shepherd, Christ Jesus. It’s about immersing ourselves in God’s word, taking the initiative on our own, and allowing His voice to guide us in both small and significant decisions. As we conclude, remember, it’s not the kind of communication that matters, but the heart of the matter: building a relationship with God, understanding His will, and aligning ourselves with it. So, keep your heart open, for God has been speaking since the beginning of time and will continue to guide those who genuinely seek Him.

An infographic of 25 Ways to hear God's voice

How To Discern God’s Voice

Some people worry how you can discern God’s voice from the devil’s? Just know, God’s voice will always be filled with love, encouragement advancing the kingdom, believing the best in you and others. God spoke to Jesus twice in front of his disciples. The first happened when John baptized Jesus.

“Suddenly a voice came from heaven, saying, This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:17 NKJV

And the second time God spoke to Jesus was at the Mount of Transfiguration

“A voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is My beloved Son. Hear Him!” Luke 9:35 NKJV

God’s voice speaks love and encouragement , and God tells us to listen to His Son, which implies God speaks to us!

The enemy’s voice

On the other hand, the devil will bring discouragement, tell you you’re not good enough or that you can’t hear the voice of God.

Old Lucifer is excellent at twisting God’s word around.  For example, the Devil asked Eve, “Did God really say?”

And the devil questioned Jesus by asking if you are the God’s son. The devil wants to bring doubt that you can hear God.

Obviously, these are all lies from the pit of hell. One reason Jesus died was to restore our relationship with Our Father.

Be observant to what is going on around tot takes practice hearing God’s voice since you are developing a relationship with God. And the more you seek out God’s voice the more you will recognize His unique voice.  I hope you will learn how to hear God’s voice by these twenty-five ways.


Lord in Jesus’ name open the spiritual eyes and ears of the person reading this. Help each person hear the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit with clarity. Father, thank you that I hear your voice and I will follow your voice. Help me to never follow the voice of a stranger. Thank you for recognizing all the amazing ways that you are speaking to each one of us.

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