Prayer For Friendship: Speak Life Over Your Friends


Before I knew God, when my worldly friends ask for my help, I wish them luck, crossed my fingers, or knock on my prized petrified wood coffee table. Well, later down the road when I became a Christian, I learned the beauty of praying for friendships and the power of reciprocal prayer. Sharing prayers or speaking life over each other creates a deep bond between friends, spiritually and personally, for years to come!

Who doesn’t value a genuine prayer for friendship coming from someone you trust?

How do we pray for a friend in a difficult situation? What does God think about friendships? What does the Bible say about friends? But first will explore some examples of prayers for friendship.

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Prayer For Friendship

Heavenly Father, You know all about friendship, after all you called Abraham your friend. Lord, help me be a true good friend like Jesus, who laid His life down for His friends. Help me to always make time for my friends to have a listening ear, an encouraging word and a helpful hand.

Give me the wisdom to help my friends grow closer to You and be more aware of your blessings in their lives too. I pray peace, love and joy would surround them day and night.

Lord and if there is any miscommunications between us, help us to understand each other and not take offense. If there is any strife between us to help to heal it quickly. Let my words always speak life over them and their families. Help us to grow together and have a healthy nourishing friendship.

And if there is anything we need help with, please show us what to do and how to pray for each other so that you will be glorified as our friendship grows stronger.

Help us make Godly decisions together as we walk our friendship out. I pray we will always have each other’s backs In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

If you wondered how do you pray for someone specifically, check out the following examples.

Prayer For Your Friendship Needs

Father, I ask you overtake my friend with favor and abundant blessings for my friend’s, health, family, and finances. I pray that you will open doors and opportunities for my friend to be prosperous in all areas of their life. Thank You Lord for divine assignments and assignments and guiding them to the next step in their life.

Prayer for Unsaved Friends

I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal Jesus to my friend so they can experience eternal salvation through faith in Him. Give me boldness to share Christ with my friends so we can be together for all eternity.

Have you ever wanted to pray for someone a specific need but didn’t know where to start here is a quick guide.

How do you start a prayer for someone?

  1. First, start by asking God to bless your friend, so that they would have a better day. I ask Him to give them strength and wisdom in all of their decisions.
  2. Second Ask yourself What is your friend going through right at the moment, an aging parent, trouble with co-workers, or homeschooling her ten kids?
  3. Third Just open your mouth and pray your heart into those situations. Ask for peace over your friend’s life, or ask God what is the best possible for your friend. Find relevant scripture and pray those over your friend.
  4. Fourth Remember what the Bible says: faith without works is dead. So ask yourself is there something you can do right now to help your friend to lighten her load.
  5. Which leads to our next section, how do you bless your friend with prayer.
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How do you bless your friend with prayer

How to Bless your Friends With Prayer

6 Fun ideas to pray for your friend if they are going through a hard time. These suggestions are guaranteed to bring smiles.

— Text them an encouraging short pray the morning of a big event, doctor’s appt or job interview and pray for them at start of their day — Bless them by dropping their favorite chocolate bar or homemade cookie. Include a card with written prayer. (maybe the pray for friendship prayer) Surprise them by leaving your thoughtful package on their doorstep.

— If they live far away, send an encouraging card with prayer with gift card for a cup of coffee on you. Ask when they are enjoying their gifted coffee to arrange a face time, so you can fellowship together. Pray over each other during your conversation.  

— When you finished with a book, you think they would like, write a brief prayer inside the book. Or throughout the book write little encouraging prayers inside the book or on sticky notes.

 — If there is something they admire in your home, give it to them, or buy a duplicate and include a heartfelt prayer of how much your friend means to you and how you wanted to bless them.

  Ask them over for dinner or go to a restaurant and pray over them. Write out your pray for them ahead of time so you won’t forget what to say when you’re having fun spending time together.

 — To make sure you cover your friend in pray, declare every Friday as prayer friend day to trigger your mind to pray for friendship.

What does the God say about good friends?

Variations of the word friend occurs over a hundred times in the KJV. God cares about friendships, we’re not called to walk our journey alone and sometimes family just isn’t enough to nourish us.

One of the greatest loving friendships in the Bible is between David and Jonathan. Honoring their beautiful friendship, when Jonathan died, David took care of Jonathan’s son.

Jesus is our ultimate friend, since He gave his life up for each one of us. I like to think if we were the only person in the world, Jesus still would have gone to the cross for us.

“We know what love is because Jesus gave his life for us. So, we must give our lives for each other.” 1 John 3:16

Jesus prayed the most a beautiful prayer for friendship for his disciples, He also prayed, for Peter that the devil wouldn’t sift him like wheat.

Following Jesus’ example, we need to pray for our friends too!

What is a Good Bible Verse for Friendship?

My favorite friend verse for friendship is, “If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.” Ecc 4:10

It’s true sometimes when you are going through a difficult season you need someone to lift you up and speak encouragement over each other.

Friendship is a great blessing because it provides an umbrella of protection against the storms of life that can come our way and relationship with God. The best kind of friend looks out for those we love in every situation–even when they are struggling. So speak life into your friends with a pray of friendship it’s way more effective than wishing them luck.

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