How To Teach Your Teenager The Bible

Have you tried to teach your teenagers the Bible? Often times my teenager would foil my attempts with the typical teenage snub. You know that look, the eye roll followed by a sigh. Picture this, I’d hold the Bible in my hands trying to share a relevant scripture. My teenager reluctantly lifting their face from their electronic screen, brushing me off with a blank stare. Or I might receive a noncommittal shrug followed by the …teenage snub. I’d end up biting my tongue trying to prevent any unbiblical words flying out of my mouth.

Sometimes I’d find myself taping pertinent Bible verses to their bathroom mirrors. Which were met with an “Oh mom.”

That’s when frustration set in, especially when reading this scripture—

Teach them to your children(God’s Word). Talk about them(God’s Word) wherever you are, sitting at home or walking in the street; talk about them from the time you get up in the morning until you fall into bed at night.

Back during Moses and Jesus’ time the children memorized the entire Torah by twelve. I couldn’t even get my teenager to listen to one verse!

Obviously, I’m not alone. The following section will explore the sobering statistics of teenagers reading their Bible.

defiant girl teenager

Parents Teaching Teenagers Scripture

According to a recent poll, approximately twenty five percent of families with teenagers were reading scripture as a family.

Parents teaching their kids the bible

Unfortunately, I fell into the seventy-five percent of parents that are struggling to teach their teenagers the bible. On the positive side, it’s heartwarming that in today’s world, one quarter of parents are sitting around the table discussing scripture.

But really, how many teenagers, are reading scripture on their own without family pressure? The next section will explore this topic.

Bible Habits of Teenagers

It’s sobering statistic only three percent of teenagers read the Bible daily. It’s important to realize, eleven percent of the young people were reading the Bible at least once a week. That’s encouraging.

Youth group reading the bible

In general, the majority of teenagers, eighty-seven percent, are being taught the Bible at worship services. Seeing that because of the pandemic, less families are attending church services. Consequently, less young people will be receiving bible teaching.

As a result we need to find new avenues to get the youth into services.

“Christian parents and leaders must tap into and utilize modern technology to secure youth in the Word of God today.” Barna Group President David Kinnaman

Obviously, Mr. Kinnaman is correct about new techniques. Currently, my special needs son is attending zoom Bible. But what if we change the Bible into something more palatable to our children? Yet, not losing anything in the translation.

A Novel Idea, The Comic Book Bible

Please note, the author provided me with  digital download of the Gospel of Mark for an honest review.

Basically most teenagers regard the Bible as an out of date book. Their eyes gloss over the pages with the the stories seem unreal. And for that reason, the Word for Word Bible Comic (WWBC) is a fresh novel improvement to the traditional Bible.

Cover of the Comic Book Bible

Besides the amazing illustrations, one of the best things about  Word for Word Bible Comic is it’s really word for word. It’s not paraphrased, the author isn’t adding or deleting words.

Here’s the things I’m not into graphic novels or even cartoons. My kids were teenagers when they figured I disliked animation since I routinely fell asleep during every Disney movie. Yet, I’m enjoying the Word for Word Bible Comic Bible. I’m moved by the artwork and its historical accuracy of this Bible.

Historically Accurate Add Visual Interest

Photos of culture and maps

For instance, the author, Pillario Simon Amadeus, thoroughly researches the customs of each Biblical time period. Therefore, each piece of clothes, shoes, daily life, weapons, and places are accurate. Detailed maps are included as  well. Below is an example

“Indeed, one might argue that The Word for Word Bible Comic is actually a more authentic presentation of the Bible than our bare printed texts, which invite us to fill a visual vacuum by supplying pictures in our own imagination of people and events.” Rev Dr Christopher R. Smith .

See below the progression as the artist works from the actual historical drawings to the final result.

Photos of swords

Graphic Novels Bible Helpful to teach teenagers and young adult with Special Needs

Another feature I love about this Bible is that it is great for visually learners. Since the images on the pages make the stories and characters come to life. My son, Jake has an intellectual disability, and he is enjoying the graphics and following along quite nicely. Many parents with autistic teenagers have commented how their child also connected with the characters facial expressions in the Word for Word Comic Bible.

This comic book Bible has an advisory age rating of 12+ due to Biblical themes but it’s the parents to determine the appropriate age for your own teenager.

Comic Bible Will Help Parent In-Depth Teach Teenagers


The goal of most Christian parents is to teach their teenagers to a relationship with God. And one powerful for youth to connect with our Creator is through the Word of God. If you are receiving the teenage snub whenever you bring out the Bible the Word for Word Bible Comic might be the answer you are seeking.

Purchasing the Word For Word Bible Comic for your Teenager.

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This book is shipped from England and they are approximately $20.99 depending on the rate of exchange. In addition, there are two postage options standard, 1-2 weeks and economy 6 weeks.

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