Benefits of Reading the Bible

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One of the best ways, in committing to your faith and learning the gospel is reading the Bible, consistently. But many people may not be aware of all the benefits of reading scripture. Therefore, this article provides eleven benefits of reading the bible and how bible reading will positively benefit your life.  

Benefits of Reading Your Bible Daily

 The following is a brief list of benefits of reading the Bible: gaining wisdom, increase feelings of joy and hope, and encouragement by being reminded of God’s promises. Additional benefits include discovering the multitude of emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits that will make you and your faith stronger. All these factors can contribute to long term happiness and health.  Continue to read, if you would like to discover even more benefits to reading your bible. 

11 Benefits of Reading Your Bible A photo of a Bible in puzzle

Honestly, I didn’t read a Bible until I was forty. Since reading my Bible on a consistent basis, I’ve transformed in so numerous ways. For instance, I went from a constant complainer to have a grateful heart. Another example, I didn’t feel the need to get the last word in which contributes to maintaining peace in my home. Therefore, the next section will detail the importance of reading your Bible daily to receive wisdom.

1 Reading the Bible Daily Increases Wisdom 

Benefits of reading your bible Holding bible up with light shining on Bible

An additional benefit of reading your Bible is gaining a wide range of wisdom. From financial wisdom to relationships and everything in between. 

Not only do you gain knowledge of the historical content of the Bible, but you will gain wisdom for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Many Christians refer to the Bible as the “essential wisdom” as it is the simple message of the gospel in God’s word. Father God loved the world that He sent His only Son to die for our sins. And through Jesus Christ, we are reconciled to Father God. That’s the Gospel in the most simplest form.

Jesus is also referred to as “wisdom” in the Bible, as stated in of Colossians 2:3 “is Christ himself. In him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

Wisdom Scriptures

According to Proverbs 2.6,  The Lord gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge” An additional benefit or reading God’s biblical wisdom is it help you navigate through life, by steering you on the right path while being obedient to the Lord.  

Components of Wisdom

Wisdom is known to have three main components, those being knowledge, understanding, and application. The first step towards gaining wisdom is arming yourself with knowledge and actively seeking out that information. 

Knowledge of the Lord increases while Reading your Bible

Proverbs 1:7 states, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

In the passage above, fear also means revering the Lord. Those who fear and honor God will seek the His advice through reading the Bible. “Now if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”


The next component of wisdom is understanding, in other words, grasping the biblical knowledge you have read. Understanding the Word of God is an important step to becoming wiser. Once you’ve filled the God’s word in mind and it sprouts like a seed in your heart, you will begin to see to fruition of the benefits of reading the bible.

You can ask God to give you understanding. God will always confirm His word to you, especially while reading the bible. I find when I ask God something, I stumble on it during my daily Bible reading. Sometimes, God will led me to the exact passage that I need to hear for that day.

“If any of your lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault.” James 1:5

You can dig deep in the word, through word studies, commentaries, and even find sermons on-line to further explain any topics. Mediate on specific verses throughout the day. 

Additional wisdom will come as you read through the lives of biblical figures. Notice the key points and takeaway from their lives will encourage you.

Photo of the book of proverbs

Reading Proverbs daily will contribute to understanding wisdom. After all, there are thirty-one proverbs in the Bible, one of each day of the month.


The last component to achieving wisdom is to begin applying what you have learned by implementing these ideas and practices into your life. 

Gaining wisdom is definitely a benefit that automatically comes with reading the Bible. Not only are you gaining wisdom about God’s word, but you gain wisdom to apply to your everyday life. When you encounter struggles in your life, the Holy Spirit will bring into remembrance God’s word, the exact word that you need at the time. 

2 Strengthening Your Faith

In addition to wisdom, the Bible is saturated with faith scriptures. Not to mention, all the faith-filled stories of God helping His people. Consistently reading your Bible will strengthen your faith in God and His word.  

As you read through the Bible with a faith-filled heart, the words on the page and the biblical stories will bring your comfort, motivation, and direction. Studying the biblical stories we become emotionally invested. All these factors will explode your genuine faith.

Above all, God’s word provides a firm foundation. That is to say when you have Holy Spirit and other supernatural encounters you can line these experiences with God’s word which in turn will strengthen your faith.

As a result, your faith will naturally become stronger each day as you read the Bible. You can’t help spiritually mature by injecting consuming and implementing God’s word into all areas of your life.  As is stated in Romans 10:17, “ So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the message of Jesus Christ.” 

Reading your Bible opens your heart and mind to the Spirit and the Word of God. Coupled together, they will contribute to growing your faith every time you refer to the holy text. This is definitely another benefit to reading your Bible keeping you and your belief system indestructible against the storms of life.

3 Joyful Is Another Excellent Benefit or Reading the BiblePower of reading the bible photo of a woman smiling and reading the Bible

Similar to the other themes we have discussed, the Bible also emphasizes joy and pleasure. When you read your Bible and seek positive and joyful verses, you are bound to feel more joyful. 

Also, every time you open up your Bible and begin reading, you are allowing yourself to become closer to God and his message. Which can’t help make you feel joyful. It is even said in the Bible that being joyful is not an option, but a command.

“Rejoice in the Lord always, Again I will say Rejoice!” 1 Thess 5:16

When you feel joyful, it shows in all aspects of your life, internally and externally. Not only will your mindset improve, but the way you treat others and yourself will change as well. 

Reading your Bible will allow you to feel joy for a lot of reasons. Not only are you strengthening your relationship with your faith and with God, but your feelings of joy will improve many aspects of your life. 

As the Bible said, joy should be experienced and prioritized. Reading your Bible will allow you to feel just that, which is a pretty big benefit for you at the end of the day. 

4 It Gives You Hope By Reading the Bible

If you’ve ever felt lost, anxious, or confused, it’s likely you’ve turned to your Bible for some kind of guidance. The Bible helps us feel hopeful and positive when we are at our wit’s end. As you can find messages of inspiration and hope on every page

Woman praying over the bible

But the hope you feel and receive when reading the Bible doesn’t solely come from inspirational verses. Hope stems from worshiping a God who will not desert you when you feel hopeless.

Reading the Bible consistently when you are feeling down is a great way to restore hope and joyful feelings back into your life. But if you’re looking for verses that speak of hope to look to in times of need. There are plenty of Bible verses that will give you the strength and motivation you’re looking for. 

It’s harder on some days than others to feel hopeful. But the Bible aims to not only educate you on the Lord’s word but to guide you in times of need. This is definitely another benefit of reading your Bible and consuming the lessons inside, as it will drastically improve how you feel on a bad day. 

5 It Reminds You of God’s Promises Is A Wonderful BenefitTree coming of the bible

Another benefit to reading the Bible is being reminded of all the promises God has made to you. Your faith continues to grow stronger when you count all the promises God has made to His followers. 

It’s continually shown, within the stories of the Bible that God will follow through on the promises. God can not lie, and He will fulfill His promises to those that love Him. Seeing all the promises God has for you, while you read the Bible builds your faith. And allows you to connect with your faith and your Savior on a whole new level.

Similar to the ways we discussed how focusing your attention on verses that speak of joy help you when you feel lost and confused. Directing your attention to what God has promised can lift you up as well. 

There are promises of God’s goodness and compassion everywhere within scripture. In Psalm 145:9, it says, “The Lord is good to all, he has compassion on all that he has made.” Reading scriptures like this, reminds you of the goodness of your Father. And additionally, it reminds you of the promises that have been made to you.

Reminding yourself of these promises benefits you and your faith in the long run. By continually, leaving you feeling stronger and the Lord is by your side and protecting you, 24/7. 

6 You’ll Learn To Fall in Love with Jesus 

photo of bible with words hovering over the bible in a heart shape.

When you read the Bible, you read stories about Jesus while on Earth. This will give you a whole new appreciation for your faith. Reading the words Jesus spoke, as well as the actions he took while he was here. 

As a Christian, when you read the Bible, you don’t just learn about Jesus, but you get to know him personally by consuming the stories and lessons. This is a huge benefit for you, as your appreciation for your faith will grow when learning more about God’s son. 

One of the best ways to truly learn about Jesus is returning to the actual, original source, meaning the Bible. Many Christians compared their evolving relationship with Jesus to beginning a relationship with a new friend.

In order to get to know a new friend, and learn to love and care for them, you have to spend a good amount of time with them. Spending time with Jesus through scripture is key to building a loving relationship with your faith, as well as Jesus. 

7 You’ll Build Habit Is A Huge Benefit

Setting aside time each day to read your Bible is beneficial to you in a spiritual way. But what about in other ways?

Not only does reading the Bible draw you closer to your faith in God, but it allows you to build habits with yourself that become healthy lifestyle practices. When you begin to set habits with yourself, the more natural the action you wish to take becomes. It also becomes less of a chore after a while, and more of an enjoyable activity you look forward to.

Not only that, but when you invest time in reading your Bible every day, you’re not only investing in yourself, but you’re investing in your relationship with the Lord. Building habits is key to staying consistent within your religious practices, and it makes it easier to begin building other healthy habits as well. 

8 You’ll Get to Know Yourself Better

Not only will you get to know God better through reading the Bible, but you’ll get to know yourself as well. Many Christians speak of finding themselves through scripture, and not only finding a loving and healthy relationship with Christ but with themselves as well.

Building a connection with someone relies on knowing who they are, as well as who you are as well. You can’t build a real relationship with anyone if you aren’t honest. 

If you can show up to your relationship with God with honesty and love in your heart, you’ll strengthen that relationship, as well as the one you have with yourself. 

For any relationship to work, both parties must approach it with honesty and love, as well as the knowledge of what they and the other person bring to the table. When you truly know yourself, you’ll get to know God. 

Reading the Bible allows you to get to know yourself better through the different stories and lessons you might see yourself represented in through scripture. This is a huge benefit to you and your happiness in the long run.

9 It Gives You Instructions for Life Benefit

If you want to live your life fully, according to what God has in mind for you. Reading the Bible is the first step in learning about what you should be doing. The Bible is basically the original instruction manual and will assist you in how to be a good follower and believer as well as discover God’s nature. 

Second, Timothy 3:17 says, “The scriptures are the compressive equipment of the man of God and fit him fully for all branches of his work.” It’s clear to see the Bible was specifically written to offer guidance and advice for you to follow.

As is stated above, the Bible is laced together to offer the followers of God a guide to turn to when they are in need. If you are currently facing a problem that has you feeling confused or scared, don’t be afraid to open up your Bible to see what God will communicate to you during this time of uncertainty. 

Whether you are a new follower of the gospel, or you’re a Christian who doesn’t know where to turn, the Bible will give you the answers and instructions you need to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

This is probably one of the biggest benefits reading the Bible has to offer, as you’ll always know where to turn when you’re in need of answers.

10 It Turns You Into a Role Model/Leader, Making you a benefit to others

group of friends reading the bible

Reading scripture can allow you to become a spiritual leader and role model within your family and your community. Using tools like the Bible allows you to spread these messages to your loved ones, as well as educate them on the contents of your scripture.

This is definitely beneficial to you if you wish to be the spiritual leader in your household, especially if you have kids. Educating yourself on the Bible and the messages within allow you to teach your children important lessons they can understand, and you can all discuss together.

You can also become a prominent figure within your community or your church. Knowing and understanding the wisdom that the Bible speaks allows you to reach out to others who may want to discuss these things with you.

Being a religious figure in your own household and community gives you and others so many opportunities to discuss spirituality, while also strengthening everyone’s faith in the process.

11 You’ll Become a Better Listener 

When you fully understand and know the contents of the Bible, as well as your relationship with God, self, and spiritually, it’s easier to become a listener to others

Good listening goes hand in hand with the teachings of Jesus. Active listening and empathizing with others is a large part of what Jesus was about. Implementing Jesus’s teachings into how you listen to others allows you to make real connections with others when you are actively listening.

When you fully understand the teachings of Jesus, you’ll be able to follow his methods by listening to others, as opposed to just hearing them. Also, it’s important to mention that when you listen to people’s questions and comments, you can respond correctly and fully understand where others are coming from. 

This is highly beneficial to you and to others as well, as this causes you to make more genuine connections with others, as well as practice the teachings of Jesus correctly. 


From spiritual to emotional factors, the Bible can allow you and your community to grow and evolve in different ways when you read scripture. 

We discussed how the Bible aims to inspire you and make you feel joy in your time of need. It also allows you to make stronger and more genuine connections with God, as well as yourself. 

Reading the Bible also gives you the opportunity to educate yourself on exactly what God has intended for you, as this scripture is seen as God’s instruction manual for you. You also have the chance to get closer to God and grow stronger in your faith when you read the Bible.


Lord in Jesus name I pray God’s word will come alive in your life, you will see a breakthrough in all areas of your life. And that you will reap each and every one of these eleven benefits be magnified each time you read your Bible. May God Bless you!

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