Insights for bolstering your faith in Jesus Christ, inspiration from a Christian perspective.

  • 18 Quotes from I AM David, By Jimmy Evans

    I AM David book

    I AM DAVID, 10 Lessons in greatness from Israel’s most famous king is an in-depth character study, by Jimmy Evans. The book provided a fresh insight into on of most loved figures in the bible. David has a painful past, yet a worshipper of God, with a great destiny on his life despite his struggle […]

  • June 2020 Prophetic Word Speak Out

    Woman on Phone June 2020 Prophetic Words

    June is the month to speak out to move up. Be encouraged this month, God is closer than we realize. He is always with us. We are a part of his soul. So if we learn about June 2020 prophetic words and do our duty accordingly God’s blessing will be always with us. A DREAM […]

  • May 2020 Prophetic Word 8 Ways to Strengthen Yourself

    8 ways to strengthen yourself

    In this transitional month, ask the Lord to strengthen you and give you strategies on how to operate in the “new normal.” Learn 8 ways to strengthen yourself in the Lord because the enemy desires to lead you into despair. After all, it’s easy to slip into depression when you are isolated, dealing with losses, […]

  • How to Take Communion At Home

    how to-take-communion-at-home-Jesus-holding-bread-and-wine

    Learn how to take communion in your own home. A powerful combination is taking daily communion and applying the blood of Jesus to your lives. So let’s learn more about taking communion. Elements of Communion The wine represents the Jesus’s Blood. There is power in the blood of Jesus. Moreover, we can apply the Blood […]

  • Prophetic Word For March 2020 Vindication

    Photo of Butterfly Prophetic Word For March 2020

    God is opening the door, for your vindication. This is a marker month where you will see the tide turn in your favor despite the turbulence in the world. Moreover, this Prophetic Word For March 2020 is vindication. The Lord has seen the injustice in you life, the mistreatment, and the circumstances lined up against […]