Insights for bolstering your faith in Jesus Christ, inspiration from a Christian perspective.

  • March 2021 Prophetic Surrender to God

    Woman surrender her hands to a peach colored sky with light strems

    The prophetic word for March 2021 is surrender. Surrender always reminds me of waving a white flag and giving up. But  surrendering your life to Jesus is the first step in Christianity. After years of running, I accepted Jesus at a funeral. At first, I thought that was strange, but I realized a part of […]

  • February 2021 Prophetic Word Truth

    picture of the word truth

    Truth is the February’s 2021 prophetic word. I’m seeing a vision where the devil is desperately trying to hold back the truth from being exposed. The devil is using a smoke screen of deception around the truth, using his typical tactics of chaos, distraction, confusion, and the blame game. I don’t know about you, but […]

  • How Does Reading the Bible Affect Your Brain

    A picture of a brain reading a book and a bible

    How Reading the Bible Affects the Brain  Reading the Bible has a strong emotional and spiritual impact on its readers for a lot of reasons. And reading the Bible imparts a strong influence on your faith and religious beliefs. But what impact does the Bible have on your brain? In this article, we’ll be going […]

  • January 2021 Prophetic Word Hope

    A photo of a beach with a person's hand holding a stone with the word hope written in the stone

    The January 2021 prophetic word is hope. After the continuing chaos of last year, it’s easy for hope to fade. I know I can use an infusion of hope after a year of losses; I lost my mother-in-law, a close friend, and my faithful dog. Of course, I cried for each loss, yet I’m filled […]

  • How to Not Get Stuck On Your New Bible Reading Plan

    Shows 12 Month Bible Reading plan

    Here’s an easy Bible reading plan for you—plan on reading your Bible. Oh, how I wish it were that simple! If you are struggling to read your Bible, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey in Life Way only 41% of Protestant churchgoers don’t read the Bible regularly. I don’t know about your life, […]

  • How to Have A Winning New Year. Pick a Word

    One Word for Your Year

    One word can change your life or one cruel word spoken by another can haunt you for the rest of your life. And that’s why choosing a word for the next 365 days can be life changing instead of the traditional life sucking resolutions. Included in this post are plenty of word of the year […]