Insights for bolstering your faith in Jesus Christ, inspiration from a Christian perspective.

  • November 2020 Prophetic, God is Faithful

    Woman holding her hands out on a mountain

    The November 2020 prophetic word is faithful. God is faithful. After a year like this, maybe God knows you need to hear it. Certainly I do, a few weeks ago when I couldn’t find my dog. Every morning, my fur baby’s soft brown eyes would stare up at me while I crushed her arthritis pill […]

  • How To Teach Your Teenager The Bible

    Have you tried to teach your teenagers the Bible? Often times my teenager would foil my attempts with the typical teenage snub. You know that look, the eye roll followed by a sigh. Picture this, I’d hold the Bible in my hands trying to share a relevant scripture. My teenager reluctantly lifting their face from […]

  • October 2020 Prophetic Word Prepare to Act

    photo of a pumpkin with the words October Prophetic word

    The October 2020 prophetic word is Act. Prepare to act, in your personal life and as a member within the body of Christ. For obvious reasons, 2020 was a year of waiting but now it’s time to act. The Lord highlighted a few events in the Book of Acts comparing them to current events. But […]

  • Benefits of Reading the Bible

    11 Benefits of Reading Your Bible A photo of a Bible in puzzle

    One of the best ways, in committing to your faith and learning the gospel is reading the Bible, consistently. But many people may not be aware of all the benefits of reading scripture. Therefore, this article provides eleven benefits of reading the bible and how bible reading will positively benefit your life.   Benefits of Reading […]

  • September 2020 Prophetic Word Double & Ox


    September 18 is Rosh Hashanah/The Feast of the Trumpets, the New Year 5781. Jewish festivals have spiritual significance for Christians since Jesus observed them all. God considered these holidays, “My appointed feasts.” Besides, I am all for celebrating the Rosh Hashanah, anything to move forward, and leave 2020 behind! One sign associated with 5781 is […]

  • August 2020 Prophetic Word Spiritual Gifts

    Picture of a spiritual gifts with the word August 2020 Prophetic Word

    This August, the Lord is handing out gifts. Now through Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 20), be expectant for an increase in spiritual gifts. It’s graduation time in the kingdom, you’ve passed the test! The Lord is handing out an increase in gifts for five reasons. One, we made it through this difficult season with our faith […]