Insights for bolstering your faith in Jesus Christ, inspiration from a Christian perspective.

  • Bible Verses About Jealously

    Woman holding a sign in front of a waterfall that says your not hear for bible verses about Jealously

    Ever feel a twinge of jealousy in the pit of your stomach? I know I have. It might be a distant friend who posts exotic vacation photos while it’s impossible to go on vacation because of my special needs son. Or a jealous burn might rise when someone receives that promotion you prayed your heart […]

  • Spend Time With God, Is It Absolutely Worth it?

    Happy woman reading her bible

    I know I have questioned if God wants to spend time with me, especially on bad days You know, those days when my kids are unruly, and my husband is less charming than usual. Maybe I acted in an ungodly way and I am avoiding God because I’m feeling guilty. But when I open my […]

  • 25 Ways To Hear God’s Voice

    Bible with head phones and cord is the shape of a cross with coffee cup depicting how to hear and discern God's voice

    The first step in my journey in hearing God’s voice was believing God wanted to speak to me. Therefore, I sought scriptures about hearing the voice of God. “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” That’s encouraging. You can ask God […]

  • March 2021 Prophetic Surrender to God

    Woman surrender her hands to a peach colored sky with light strems

    The prophetic word for March 2021 is surrender. Surrender always reminds me of waving a white flag and giving up. But  surrendering your life to Jesus is the first step in Christianity. After years of running, I accepted Jesus at a funeral. At first, I thought that was strange, but I realized a part of […]

  • February 2021 Prophetic Word Truth

    picture of the word truth

    Truth is the February’s 2021 prophetic word. I’m seeing a vision where the devil is desperately trying to hold back the truth from being exposed. The devil is using a smoke screen of deception around the truth, using his typical tactics of chaos, distraction, confusion, and the blame game. I don’t know about you, but […]