November Prophetic Word and Leftovers


November prophetic word is known as the month of leftovers, time to shift and sift through your schedule. Wrap up any loose projects. God’s shining His light into the areas of your mind and heart, showing you what to keep and what to throw out. So let’s read more about November prophetic word and leftovers. 

November Prophetic Word

Shifting and Sifting Unwanted Leftovers

There are some shifting and sifting leftovers nobody wants, like ill-fitting hand me downs or lingering wounds inflicted by other’s thoughtless words. 

At the burning bush, the Lord reveals Moses’ role in rescuing the Hebrews with some personal instructions. Moses and his wife, Zipporah, along with their grown sons begin the journey to Egypt. However, they stop at an inn and everything goes wrong. And The Lord tries to kill Moses for not circumcising one of his sons. Meanwhile, Zipporah saves her husband by performing the procedure on their son.Zipporah flings the bloody leftover skin at Moses and states, “Surely a bloody husband, art thou to me.” (NKJ 4:25) This insult seems two-sided, making fun of her husband’s circumcision heritage and dredging up the murder Moses committed. Causing him to hide for forty years and now Moses is returning to the scene of the crime. He had to be apprehensive. Zipporah’s comments showed she was not on Moses’ team, after this incident, she returned home without her husband.

November Prophetic Word

There might be people close to you that aide you in distress, but they will remind you of your past mistakes. Keep going, don’t let what others think, hinder your destiny.  

The Miracle of Water

November Prophetic Words

At the end and beginning of the Moses’ desert journey, God provided water from rocks. The water gushing from the rock quenched the thirst of a million people with enough leftover to water the livestock. Moreover, the first time Moses strikes the rock, it symbolizes Jesus being beaten and dying on the cross. In the second encounter, Moses was supposed to speak to the rock, emphasizing through our words we are saved by Jesus.  

The Miracle of Bread and FishNovember Prophetic Word

Jesus tore pieces from the five loaves and two fish, placing them in his disciple’s hands. Making the disciples part of this miracle, as the food multiplied in their hands, it was enough to feed 5,000 men and their families. Twelve baskets were leftovers, one basket for each disciple. The numbers 5 means grace and 2 means multiply. Through God’s grace, He will bring us multiplication. 

Moses and Jesus both Grieving

Moses’ sister Miriam died.

Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist was murdered.

We can expect miracles at our lowest points. God wants to use us when we have a lot going on in our lives.

Moses Reacts to the Thirsty Crowd

“Listen, you rebels!” he shouted. “Must we bring you water from this rock?”(Num 20:10)  Moses’ behavior must have been epic since David writes in Psalm 106:33  “They made Moses angry, and he spoke foolishly.” I know there have been times when I have been angry and behaved in an unkind manner. But God still performed a miracle despite Moses’ behavior. 

Jesus Responds to the Hungry Crowd

“He(Jesus) had compassion on them and healed their sick.”(Matthew 14:14) Jesus is my example to strive to, the kindness of God leads to repentance, I have to tell myself all the time to be kind.  

Moses’ Strikes the RockNovember Prophetic word

The Lord instructed Moses to speak not to strike the rock, resulting in Moses not entering the promised land. At the start, the Lord tried to kill Moses for not obeying, now in the end Moses died because of his disobedience. The Law leads to death.

Jesus Speaks over the Foodhand to heavenn

First Jesus instructs the crowd to sit down on the grass in groups, a picture of “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures.” (Psalm 23;1,2) Jesus lifts the bread and fish to heaven, thanking our Father, and proclaims a blessing. Grace and truth come through Jesus. In Jesus, we have eternal life. 

Modern-day Miracle of Multiplication

At the Lulu Tree Charity in Uganda, while distributing “Mama Kits” to pregnant women a multiplication miracle happened. The woman can’t deliver their baby at the hospital unless they bring a “Mama Kit,” which includes string, a razor, and few other items. Lulu Tree had only 500 kits, on the day the kits were distributed 800 women arrived. The workers prayed taught the word and sang, stalling the process. As Lulu Tree began handing out the kits, the pile didn’t dwindle! They started with 500 kits, gave away 800, amazingly there were 118 kits leftover! “God wanted to show, he is still very much able. God doesn’t depend on humans He can provide for us out of thin air, like the manna.”1 said Emily Wierenga, founder of Lulu, present at the miracle.

Psalm 118 The Number of  Leftover Kits November 2019

“This was the Lord’s doing; It is marvelous in our eyes. Moreover, this is the day the Lord made; We will rejoice and be glad. Give thanks to the Lord his mercy endures forever.”(Psalm 118, 23,24,29) God’s word backed up Lulu Tree’s miracle.

Jesus is The Living Water and Bread of Life

Jesus does not change yesterday, today, and tomorrow, he is always compassionate towards us. Jesus wants us to have abundant life in Him. Ask him for the multiplication in your life and for a modern-day miracle like the Lulu Tree. Lord in Jesus’ name, help me believe that you can perform miracles in my life as well. Free me of any unbelief. Help me to show compassion to those around me by responding in love and not reacting. Thank you for your amazing grace, forgiving my sins and You can even bless my mistakes.  

Keys to November Prophetic Word

1 Respond in love, instead of reacting.

2  Giving thanks and reaching out to others will help increase your multiplication.

3 Put your hand to the plow, the ground beneath is starting to crack, blessings are breaking forth.  4 Stay close to the Lord, listen to his instructions regarding your schedule. 5  Speak out loud prayer and declarations to move the obstacles in our lives. The miracle is in your mouth. Happy Thanksgiving and savor the leftovers! 

If you want to read or listen to the miracle of the “Mama Kits”—

1 Feathers Season 10 Episode 4 with Emily Wierenga: A Mama Kit Miracle 2. Mama Kit Miracle  If you want to learn about trusting God read my October Prophetic Word 

November Prophetic Word
A glass goblet shown on fire for spiritual meaning of a burning house in a dream

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