Prophetic Words

Inspired prophetic words to encourage, uplift, and provide hope. Specific words from God for the season, time, or other occasions. These blog posts are created after listening prayer and time in God’s word.

  • September 2020 Prophetic Word Double & Ox


    September 18 is Rosh Hashanah/The Feast of the Trumpets, the New Year 5781. Jewish festivals have spiritual significance for Christians since Jesus observed them all. God considered these holidays, “My appointed feasts.” Besides, I am all for celebrating the Rosh Hashanah, anything to move forward, and leave 2020 behind! One sign associated with 5781 is […]

  • July 2020 Prophetic Word Freedom to Transformation

    Free Birds flying from a chain-Jprophetic word for July 2020

    The word for July 2020 is freedom, which usually means independence. But in God’s kingdom, true freedom is depending on Christ, and His Grace, leaving behind any chains of legalism. Because this month is the time for your freedom to transform. Details about prophetic word for July 2020. Please note starting 4-21, prophetic words will […]

  • Prophetic Word for April 2020 Steadfast

    Rose with the prophetic word for 2020 is steadfast

    The prophetic word for April 2020 is steadfast. God is still good in a world full of heart. He is always with us and keeps eye on us. Therefore, when we feel any difficulty we say our prayer to God. Prophetic Word for April 2020 Please note starting 4-21, the monthly prophetic word will be […]

  • November Prophetic Word and Leftovers

    November Prophetic Word

    November is known as the month of leftovers, time to shift and sift through your schedule. Wrap up any loose projects. God’s shinning His light into the areas of your mind and heart, showing you what to keep and what to throw out.

  • Prophetic Word For September 2019

    Women opening the door with a key

    Preparation is a key for this month. It’s three months to a new decade, we are on edge of accelerated growth. What can we do now, to see our dreams fulfilled?