October 2019 Prophetic Word And Obstacles to Trust

Four Obstacles to Trust the Lord and Prophecy

Physical pain, envy, unanswered prayer and tragedy always make us doubt God.

hands holding a sign that says in God we trust

1. Physical Pain

It’s difficult to trust God when you are suffering. Unfortunately, others have told me, if your sick or one of my kids, it’s because God is teaching me a lesson or getting my attention. It’s a lie. If your earthly father broke your leg, the police would imprison him. We know God is love. Certainly, someone who loves you would not break your legs in order for you to listen. And that’s called abuse. When Jesus walked this earth, he never put sickness on anyone. (John 5:19) And Jesus said, “he only did what he saw the Father doing.” (John 5:19) I need to believe in my heart,  God loves me, will help and not hurt me. But I do recognize I can grow in these dark places because “God is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:)

2. Envy

It’s hard to trust God when God is blessing others and I’m not. If I’m envious or bitter toward another’s blessing. It’s a flashing neon sign, I am not trusting God. Moreover, I am believing a lie that God has a limitation. God is not ripping something away from me to bless someone else. The only person I should be in competition with is me, the person I was last year, yesterday, or even this morning. “Pay careful attention to your own work,…and you won’t need to compare yourself to someone else.” (Gal 6:4) I have learned to love celebrating other successes. I need to trust God has many blesses in store for me. Most importantly, for you!

 3. Unanswered Pray

 It’s a challenge to trust God when I am not getting my prayers answered. Or when I pray, things seem worse. If I am honest with myself, I wasn’t ready to receive the things I prayed for. Now, a decade later, situations, I prayed for are happening. My twenty-three-year-old son, just read his first chapter book. I don’t know why we had to wait so long. Moreover, I have learned to trust God’s timing not my own. The Lord is good to those who wait for Him. (Lam 3:25)

4. Tragedy

The biggest challenge of all is to trust God in senseless tragedies. I thought my niece would be healed, but sadly, Kristen died from cystic fibrosis. To deal with her loss, I devoured every book about heaven and life after death experiences.

I finally reached an answer in, Appointments in Heaven, the true story of a country doctor’s healing encounters with the hereafter.  Dr. Reggie Anderson’s extended family were brutally murdered. Reggie was mad at God, embraced being an atheist until he had an encounter with his deceased family in heaven. In this vision, his murdered family beamed with joy. “They(his family) wanted me to know that I wouldn’t fully understand until I joined them, but I shouldn’t hold it against God”[1] Jesus revealed a detailed plan for Reggie’s life. “His(Jesus) final words to me were, “All I have told you will come to pass. And all You have to do is trust in me and my words.”[2]

The book changed me, finally coming to terms with my niece’s untimely death, as well as my son’s intellectual disability, I don’t need to know the answers but I do need to trust Jesus. 

I am carrying this absolute level of trust in the Lord into this new decade, despite what is going on around me. 

October Prophetic 2019

Kicking off The Hebrew New Year 5780

September 30 through October 1st, begins Rosh Hashanah, the New Hebrew Year of 5780. 

Let’s dissect the number 5780. The number five represents grace, the number seven represents completion, and eight represents new beginnings.

In the Hebrew alphabet, number 80 is represented by “Pey” which means mouth.  “Pey” is the 17 letter in the alphabet, followed by “Ayin” the sixteen letter symbolizing seeing/vision.

Add the 5+7+8+= 20. We are entering 2020.

Putting all that together prophetically,  a cycle is ending and one is beginning.  Projects will end in the first few months of 2020 and there will be a new way of opening up, and ask God for opportunities.     

2020, will be the year of vision, 20/20! Speak and declare what you want to see pass! 

So trust the Lord and believe and speak the good vision over your life.

October Prayer 

Thank you, Lord, that you are increasing my level of trust. 

I trust You with my life.

I trust You with my health.

Moreover, I trust You with my family. 

I trust You with my finances.

I trust You with my health.

Consequently, I trust You with a career.

I trust You with my future.

I trust Your timing.

In addition, I trust You with my mistakes. 

I trust You have forgiven my sins. 

I trust You.


If you have any hindrances to trusting God please comment below.

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  1. Let me tell you. It’s great reading something like this. It’s been a rough 3 1/2 years for me and things only seem to be getting worse. I pray everyday. Not just for me, but for others. The others that are part of my hurt. All I want is to be a blessing and not a burden. I pray this comes to pass. Take care everyone

    1. Jason, Thank You for your nice words. Jason I pray that your breakthrough is near. You have been faithful, even when it’s be difficult. I know your will receive your blessing. I am adding you to my prayer list! Abundant Blessing in Him!

    1. Ali, It’s a blessing this word has encouraged you. Praying for open doors for you! Abundant Blessings in Him!

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