Free Printable Prayer Calendars

Prayer calendars are an effective method for incorporating prayer into your daily prayer routine and maintain it. A prayer calendar may also help you keep track of your time and plan your daily prayers. It may be an excellent motivator to stay on track if you struggle with a certain issue, for instance, forgiveness or self-control. Below you can find free printable prayer calendars to download, and even a blank calendar that you can personalize.

The point of using a prayer calendar is not to add more work or stress to our lives, but to help us intercede for others. Prayer is one of the most potent weapons in our spiritual arsenal, therefore, it’s critical that we devote time to it daily. Using a prayer calendar can be a great way to ensure that we are consistently meeting our prayer goals.

Free Printable Prayer Calendars, woman seating at desk writing

Why should I use a prayer calendar?

A prayer calendar is an excellent method to organize and keep track of the different intentions you are praying for. It can also help ensure that you are consistently praying every day of the month.

Prayer calendars provide an easy way to expand your prayer time and meditate on scripture about specific topics.

I confess, I’ve gone to pray and couldn’t think of anything to pray for, reminding me of going to a bookstore; but once inside, I’d forget what I came for.

Having a prayer calendar, with a specific list to prayer for, I can pray right away and not waste time.

How Do I Do A Prayer Calendar?

  • Print out one or any of the free printable prayer calendars below
  • Set a specific time for prayer
  • Use the calendar as part of your regular prayer time
  • Hang the prayer calendar in a visible spot as a reminder to prayer
  • Pray for the entry that day or the entire month. It’s up to you!
  • As you pray, be flexible, you can never know where God will lead you

Free Printable Prayer Calendars

Below you will find a few links to monthly free printable prayer calendars which could transform you into a prayer warrior.

Printable Monthly Prayer Calendars

Click on this link to download this printable prayer calendar below.

Monthly Free Printable Prayer Calendar
This prayer calendar is based on praying the acts 1:8, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

In this method, you cover yourself, your family, friends and then expand your prayers to cover your towns, nations and to the ends of the earth without even leaving your home!

Check out 31 salvation scriptures and a prayer to pray over unbelievers.

Printable Blank Prayer Calendar

Click here to print this blank monthly prayer calendar template and make it your own by filling in your the boxes. You can fill the boxes with your favorite inspirational quotes or Bible passages. These are reusable prayer calendars just tuck them in the word of God or stick inside your cabinet or purse.

Or if you have Canva click here for your own editable template for your personal use. Must have a free or paid Canva account to use!

Free monthly free blank prayer calendar

Free Printable Prayer Calendars Topical

These topical calendars, can help you grow spiritually, focusing each day on a scripture and turning it into a prayer. And they will enhance your prayer life. If you would like any additional topics I would be happy to make a free printable prayer calendars for any topic you are interested in, so please contact me at [email protected]

Self Control Prayer Calendar

Click Here to download the calendar below. If you’d like to explore this topic more, check our our blog post.

31 scriptures on self control to pray over your life

Praying For Your Enemy Prayer Calendar

Click Here to Download the calendar below.

If you want to know the secrets on how to pray and destroy your enemies, find out here.

Praying for your enemy free prayer calendar printable

Prayers For Patience Prayer Calendar

Click here to download the prayer for patience calendar below.

I had to learn to be patient when all I wanted to do was scream, if you need help with being patient read this.

Prayer for Patience Calendar free printable

Prayer for Wisdom & Guidance Prayer Calendar

Click Here to download the wisdom prayer calendar

If you want to pray for ten ways to prayer for wisdom and guidance click here.

Prayer for Wisdom and Guidance prayer calendar free printable

Prayer for Protection Prayer Calendar

Click Here to download the prayer for protection prayer calendar

If you would like to learn how to protect you and your family from evil, click here.

prayer for protection free printable

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found one of these free printable prayer calendars to fit your needs. Prayer calendars are an easy and effective way to remember to pray for you, your loved ones, and the world!

Here is another additional free printable prayer calendars the can help you during your devotional time

A glass goblet shown on fire for spiritual meaning of a burning house in a dream

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