January 2020 Prophetic Word

The wait is over!

Now is the time to implement three God-given strategies—

  1. Hear God’s voice.
  2. Decree what God says
  3. Act on what God shows you.

This is the year of 20/20, it’s time to enlarge your tent pegs-widen the vision. The Lord prompted me to study the biblical meaning of the number 20. And January 2020 is the first month of the prophetic words.

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The wait is over January 2020 Prophetic Word


God revealed instructions for Jacob’s exit plan— a bizarre breeding program. Based on the Lord’s instructions Jacob fled his unjust father-in-law. Laban intended to harm Jacob until the Lord appeared in Laban’s dream, warning Laban to leave Jacob alone.

Jacob confronted Laban with these words, “But God has seen your abuse and my hard work.”

Jesus holding heart in his hand that says he loves you

God sees your hard work, trying to do good despite the unfairness from other people. God intervened on Jacob’s behalf. Moreover, God will help you, by turning the hearts of people that are hurting you. During, this year God’s vindication and favor will shine upon you. So don’t miss any of the words of prophecy and January is the first month of 2020 Prophetic Word.


The ark remained in Abinadab’s home for 20 years until David carried it to Jerusalem. Some of you feel, held back, it’s time to start moving forward. You don’t have to be slaving away for 20 years to catch the momentum of the 2020’s. Breakthrough is here, but it’s messy, filled with highs and lows. After all, rough is in the word breakthrough. If you would like to learn seven breakthrough steps in the ark’s journey to Jerusalem, see my September word.


It took 20 years for Solomon to complete the temple. The Lord wouldn’t allow David to build the temple, since he was a man of war. Moreover, David prepared the blueprints, but Solomon constructed the temple. The 2020’s will be the fulfillment of prayers sown by previous generations mixed with your “now” prayers. That’s why January 2020 prophetic word is important for all of us.


For 20 years the Canaanites oppressed Israel, until Sisera, the commander of the army met his match in two women, Deborah and Jael. Deborah used this three-step process, Deborah heard the Lord, spoke the Lord’s vision and Jael acted on Deborah’s prophecy. Moreover, Deborah and Jael helped each other, there is power in unity. 2020 will be a year of unity.

Joan of arc holding a sword January 2020 Prophetic Word

Joan of Arc, like Deborah, led men on the battlefield by receiving visions and instructions from the Lord. Joan gained attention in the late 1420’s until she was captured in 1430.

In France in 1909, Joan of Arc inspired the bob haircut which eventually became the catalyst for the 1920’s flapper movement. Joan of Arc was canonized as a saint in 1920. The flapper movement broke rules in society, in 2020’s there will be an authentic movement for the Bride of Christ, breaking out of religious stereotypes. The number 2 represents division, there will be a new movement, a separation.


In January the enemy will continue prowling, using his old tactics of distraction, fear, and self-doubt. On the other hand, the enemy will try to aggravate trying to get you to speak/think negatively over this new year. While confronting Laban. Jacob made a negative declaration causing his beloved Rachel to die (before the ten commandments).


There is power in this three-step process, listening to God, declaring what God’s says, and acting on these prophetic words. Developing your God-given talents/giftings will help squash the enemy.


Man listening to God January 2020 Prophetic Word

The word of faith movement has a bad rap, but God’s word says to call things that that be not a those they were. ( Romans 4:17) God’s not a genie in a bottle but if you align your ear to what God is saying, speak declarations/prayers over your life, and act you will gain ground. How do you train your ear to hear what God is saying?


God speaks to you between the silence in your thoughts.

God speaks to you in His Word.

Moreover, God speaks to you in prayer.

God speaks to you in worship.

God speaks to you in church.

And God speaks to you when you fast.

God speaks to you through other people.

God speaks to you while you journal.

Moreover, God speaks to you through dreams.

God speaks to you in the shower.

God speaks to you through social media.

And God speaks to you through movies, tv and radio.

God speaks to your through nature.

God speaks thousands of ways to you, even through license plates.

Always ask God for confirmations, find scripture to support what you hear.


Lord in Jesus name helps us to hear your voice and never to follow a stranger’s voice.

Lord thank you for helping me to speak and declare your God-given strategies.

Thank you for the boldness to act on Your instructions.

Thank you for placing people in my path to help me with this vision in my heart that I am carrying.

Continue saying, thank you, Lord for answering the prayers for those who have gone before us.

Thank You for the Your Grace and Love to carry me through this journey.

Your voice matters, YOU Matter!

Happy New Decade!


Here’s the thing I need to repent for my January 2020 word, I didn’t reveal the everything I was hearing from the Lord, I heard the word unexpected death in 2020.

I even researched the Spanish flu. I was prideful in thinking this coronavirus wouldn’t invade America.

As the virus exploded in early March, and when I stood staring at the empty meat bins at the grocery store, I recalled I had a previous dream about the empty shelves in a dream I had. At the time I thought it meant I should fast food, I was wrong the Lord was giving me a warnings through dreams.

I scoured my dream journal and found—

1-9-20 Dream, Entrance to the Ritz Carlton Hotel was blocked off. It was dark inside the hotel the elevators were not working.

12-15 A lady tried to hug me I moved away; I didn’t want to be touched

2-16 I was in the bathroom the women before I was sick. I didn’t want to touch anything.

From here on out, I am not going to edit more sobering words. I will continue to provide edification, encouragement, and comfort. The good news is that I am hoping and praying that all the wonderful things the Lord showed me will come to pass. After the Spanish flu came the roaring twenties, which people lived in excess. I am believing when the coronavirus passes and it will, people will live more simply and with less.


Along with 2020 meaning vision, 2020 means hindsight as well. According to Merriam-Webster twenty-twenty hindsight means “the full knowledge and complete understanding that one has about an event only after it has happened.” This twenty-twenty hindsight over the coronavirus will be talked about throughout this year.

The Lord also showed me families would get closer, but I didn’t see how so I didn’t add that to my word for 2020. Little did I know that most of us would be in a shelter in place!

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