The Anointed Painting and Prayers to Angels for Help

While painting this angel at a worship service, Alice Briggs, heard God’s voice, “Accept the gifts you require for your breakthrough and destiny, all you have to do is just ask.” Alice asked for physical healing and the next day, she was healed.  Alice desired to see if her breakthrough was transferable, therefore she created the Ask experiment. Providing others with an opportunity to display the print and see what would happen. Certainly, the first set is ask angels for help.

The Ask Angles Experiment

It sounded intriguing; the image was captivating, so I purchased the print and became part of the experiment. Not one to wait, I prayerfully asked the angel on the computer screen for my breakthrough. Asking felt silly like the moment between making a birthday wish and blowing out the candles. I wondered was it even possible that an artwork can heal someone?

Ask Angel for Help Ask Angel

Art Can Heal

I discovered Grace Bailey, a prophetic artist, who has seen individuals healed from her artwork. She defines prophetic art as, “a message from God in visual form (as opposed to dancing, music, verbally or the Word). It is visual imagery that speaks God’s words. Moreover, it may photography, drawing, painting, or any other kind of visual ‘art.’ The Ask Angel falls into the category of worship art created during a church service. An artist inspires prophetic art who use to work on solo.

What About Idolatry?

My hopes were rising for the Ask Angel print, but what about worshiping angels and idolatry. The following Bible verses were troubling, you must not make for yourself an idol of any kind or an image of anything in the heavens or on the earth or in the sea. (Exodus 20:4) And then Paul informs us to worship only God and not any idol images resembling mortal human beings or birds or four-footed animals or reptiles. (Romans 1:23) Relieved Paul doesn’t list angels, yet I don’t want to cross over the boundary into idol worship. I remembered angel images appeared in the temple and the Ark of the Covenant, both designed by God.

Ask Angels Meditation in the Temple

Sown into the curtains of the Holy of Holies were cherub angels. There are two large golden angel figurines in the temple and two smaller angels on the Ark of the Covenant. God commissioned Bezalel, the artisan, to make these images. Exodus 36:1 states, God placed wisdom and understanding into these gifted artisans. Could God be speaking through Alice and other artists, today? The angel painting was a prophetic act of worship, straight from Alice’s heart created in the middle of a church service. It’s not some image which creating in some factories.


Maybe the Ask Angels meditation is a reminder for us to ask God for what we desire. Ironically, have we been conditioned by the Rolling Stone’s song—You can’t always get what you want? Is it because we’re not asking because deep down we don’t believe? Can it be that simple, all we need to do is ask?

Ask Seek Knock

The Ask Experience reminded me of this following bible verse—
“Ask and it will be given,
Seek and you will find it,
Knock and the door will be opened.
For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matthew 7:7,8)Is the Ask Angel Print, simply a reminder to ask the Lord for breakthrough?

My Breakthrough

Finally, my print was delivered, but there was a problem. The ask angel for help print was smashed to smithereens by a postal machine. When the print finally arrived, it was on the exact day my previous Ask prayer was answered. I received a breakthrough in my writing career. Perfect timing! From my experience, I would have to say the print is anointed me. The results from the Ask Angels Experiment confirmed 100% of those that asked the Ask Angels for help, received answered to their prayers. A few received physical healings. Maybe somewhat similar to Paul’s handkerchiefs transferred special blessings to its recipients. After hearing my success with the Ask Experiment, my husband and kids have been asking the ask angels for help. The beautiful Ask Angel is displayed on my kitchen counter, waiting for requests.

Ask Angels in my Home

If you like to know more about the Alice Briggs and the results of the Ask Experiment  you can visit her website alice arlenebriggs

Find out more about Grace Bailey and her anointed artwork visit, you will find her at grace bailey.

1.Bailey, Grace. Painting with God. Port Orchard, Wa: Ark House, 2016, p15. “Prophetic Artist, Paint the Vision and Make It Plain, Grace Bailey.” Grace Bailey Artist.

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