• Step By Step Guide to Prayer Walking

    Beautiful woman pray walking in a flower field

    Are you a walker? I am I consider myself a prayer walker. Probably because I have  have eager dogs begging to be walked. So I began to combined prayer and walking to make the most of my time.  But I admit pray walking posed some challenges. I had to leave my judgements at the door […]

  • Scriptural Prayers For Protection From Evil

    Girl with Bible and sword protecting her from evil Scriptural Prayers For Protection

    Feeling afflicted from evil? Who hasn’t lately? And for that’s reason, I’m sharing 43 protection scriptures. In August 2020, a Derecho storm was barreling toward my home. While, the tornado sirens blared, my family headed to the basement. Honestly, it was scary, the wind howled, and the lights flashed out. To calm my fears, I […]